Should parents stop pressuring their children into taking too many AP and/or IB classes in high school?

Asked by: nena430
  • Less Pressuring More Expressing

    Students shouldn't feel so stressed out when it comes to school especially if they have jobs on top of school. They should be able to find a hobby they love to do and build up a passion for it. The student has a choice whether she or he wants to go to college. I understand that the parent pressures them because they want them to have a career or get good grades, but by pressuring them, that student tends to go the other way. I'm not saying to let them fail and I'm not saying don't push them, but encourage them on what they love to do, push them on that. School isn't for everyone.

  • For your own Good

    First of all, AP and IB classes can help boost a student’s GPA. For some, this can help tremendously. And, depending on where you want to study taking many AP or IB classes is close to crucial. According to Parke Muth “If you are trying to get into the most selective schools in the country and there are students at your school taking six or seven APs in the senior year, then when the admission officer looks at your program he or she may downgrade it.” Seeing the letters AP or IB on your transcript, especially in multiple places, lets the administrator know that you have what it takes to survive in a college environment. AP and especially IB classes can help you prepare for the college workload as you can build important lifelong skills such as time & stress management, organization skills and study skills.

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