Should parents take out their anger on their children?

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  • Parents shouldn't be letting out their anger out on children for other things their upset with.

    Parents should never take their anger out for something else & pin it to their children.The kid you love is the one your hurting evrytime.That would also qualify as verbal abuse,especially if it becomes physical.It'll become scarring because not only would it mess up a childs mental state they can later show distrust with their peers & family because of how they can't even speak with their own parent let alone anyone else.

  • You are sick.

    If you truly believe that, then you should be put into a mental asylum. It is not and will not EVER be okay to abuse children, and people who do, need serious help, and need to learn how to CORRECTLY deal with stress, anger, (and sometimes) fear. BTW, there is a REASON child abuse is illegal

  • Damage in many different ways

    Parents have their own problems. They have no right whatsoever to take out those problems on their innocent kids, who have done nobody harm. If a parent was to take their anger out on their child, that would be child abuse. Child abuse is illegal, and that is because as cruel as it is, it is also disgusting and inhuman.

  • The parents should not take out their anger on their children because it hurts them physically and mentally

    Children (most of the time) dont know the reason for being abused. Their parents only do these things becaus they are mad about other things. They arent really mad at the kids. Child abuse should not be allowed anywhere. Children who are abused have a harder time in school focusing because all they can thing about is what will happen when they get home.

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