Should parents teach their kids how to use social media properly?

  • Yes parents should teach their kids how to use social media properly

    Kids who don't use social media properly can be in danger or may get in a lot of trouble. Parents should teach their children or child how to use it properly and not to post things that are privacy to them or don't want the world to see. Social media can get u locked up in jail, accused of something, and lots more. Even though this is taught in schools parents should still teach their children or child at a young age because some kids still have social media before they are taught it in school. If parents teach them it will cause a lot of things to not go wrong.

  • Yes that is what the world is pointing to as the smart desision

    In the year of 2014 technology is at a high point with more ways to use social media. Parents should teach their children the responsible way to use these sites,apps and other things. This is not saying they should not trust their children just saying social media causing so many things. In some cases children take there own lives and feel unworthy. Parents should teach their children the proper ways to use social media and maybe checking in once and a while. It would not be an invasion to privacy because they shouldn't be posting or saying anything they wouldn't want the entire world to see. If children learn from the start the proper ways it will make a lot of things easier.

  • Cyber bullying issues

    Kids acknowledge social media websites from other kids who participate with these social media's. But, essential and destructive aspects of these social media's are not inquired by these kids. This is where it is foremost for the parents to take action and instruct their children the regulations acquired to stay impervious and invulnerable from derogatory and obnoxious comments. Parents should educate their kids of appropriate posts and comments. Besides, who else is going to guide the kids.

  • Teach teens to Respect other online viewers

    Teens should be taught at home what they should and should not do on the internet. They should know how to respect others and not to cyber bully or post anything inappropriate. Being taught this from the start will make a better impact on online safety. Social media can be a good thing. Having teens express their opinions, hobbies, and other such on social media. They should not be restricted of these things in school.

  • Already taught in school

    This is already taught in most schools I believe, and quite honestly, I think that most of it is common sense. Don't post sensitive information for strangers to view and do not use the internet to bully somebody. It would most likely fall on deaf ears anyways, as online etiquette comes quite naturally to children (well teens) who have been using social media.

  • Talking is talking.

    Social media is an ever growing form of communication and has and is changing the way people interact with each other. However, instead of focusing on teaching kids how to use it in particular, parents should foster politeness and consideration in all manners on communication that are not restrictive to social media interactions. The same rules that apply in a face to face communication are applicable in an online one, it is not a different ball game.

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