Should parents try to switch their left-handed toddlers to be right-handed?

  • I think parents should try to switch a child from using their left hand to their right hand, because left-handers tend to have learning problems.

    Parents who wish their children wrote with their right hand, versus their left, are only trying to do the right thing. A child who writes with their left hand grows up with learning issues and reading problems. When a child is young and starts to write, they may use both right or left. They are just using both hands. If you prompt your child to use their right hand then, eventually, they will.

    Posted by: FriendlyEzra34
  • Yes, they can.

    Yes parents can train their children to use the right hand because there are some things that are inborn talents and cant be taught, eg., Chewing, sucking, swallowing, etc., But when it comes to issues of the hand, we all know that more strength lies in the right hand, so why not allow the child to be taught the right thing?

  • Can't take fact away.

    In years of study, it has been proven that children that have dyslexia are most often left handed. Now forcing your child to switch from using their left to using the right hand will not prevent that. It would make it easier on your child like others posted before me.

    Posted by: JRob
  • Sure they can try.

    As hard as you may argue about this topic-notice the headline says "Should parents TRY to switch their left-handed toddlers to be right-handed" personally, I don't think that you can change something that is so deeply woven into a unconscious decision made by the infant to pick up the first object-left, or right? What force, on heaven or on earth, can affect a mind's choice, at an age where it is pure? If the mind is corrupt-one can affect it, but how can you change the decision of one that was made without thought? It may be chosen before birth-even routed into your dna. If its this deeply intertwined into your data, then how would a parent switch it? It doesn't seem likely if one can switch something this easily, then why bother if you have enough power to manipulate a pure mind?

  • Rightys live longer.

    According to the New England Journal of Medicine, the average life span for someone who is right-handed is roughly seventy five, while the average life span for a similar person who is left handed is only sixty six. This can be attributed to a variety of factors: people with a left dominant hand are more likely to die in accidents, have debilitating mental illnesses like Schizophrenia, and have a harder time processing logical information. While I understand the need for self-expression, there is no reason a parent should hold that over their child's life: imagine if your son decided to drive backwards in the name of individuality.

  • test

    Being left handed shouldn't be something that you need to get rid of. It is a gift that makes you different from the rest of this right handed soceity. Getting rid of that should not be desirable in any situation. It is also proven in a recent scientific study that left handed people are more creative. Why would you want your child to be less creative?

  • Yes, I believe parents should try to switch left-handed toddlers to be right-handed, because so many things are designed for right-handed people.

    The English language and alphabet is designed to be written by a right-handed individual. It is easier to write the letters, numbers, and words if one is right-handed. Everything else in the world is designed for an individual who is right-handed, as well. Children should be taught from birth to favor their right hand, but not punished if they choose not to do so. I believe that, if the child absolutely finds it easier and more favorable to use the left, then it should be left alone. But an effort should be made to train them otherwise. It may save them trouble down the road, living in a right-handed world.

    Posted by: StandingDave
  • Why not?

    If a toddler is left handed do they get the same learning as one who's right handed. Have you noticed how many right handed people there are. If you notice some classes have only two or one left handed kids/people. How is equivalent when the class of toddlers is learning to write and the child that is left handed would have a hard time because as many people know little kids copy others. So a left handed watching a right-handed place there hand they act the same. This will cause problems.

  • According to research--

    Sure, I don't see why not. The stuttering myth is still only that--there is still very little scientific data backing it up, only anecdotal evidence. There is research, however, indicating that left-handedness is linked with greater mental health risks. For example, a 2008 study found that left- or mixed-handedness in children was linked to a greater risk of difficulty with language as well as ADHD symptoms. Of course, there is no guarantee that changing someone's handedness will change their probability of disease, but it's a worth a try.

  • Left-handedness looks ridiculous and is also evil

    Yes, as an artist, I can testify that forcing a left handed child to use their right hand will not ruin their artistic abilities and future. When a child writes with the left hand, it looks like he had a hippie mother who was too busy stuffing her weed pipe to teach the child how to properly use the pen tool.

  • It is a myth that all left-handed people are evil.

    This idea comes from the word ‘sinister’, the etymology of which is: early 15c., "prompted by malice or ill-will," from O.Fr. sinistre "contrary, unfavorable, to the left," from L. sinister "left, on the left side" (opposite of dexter), perhaps from root *sen- and meaning properly "the slower or weaker hand". I agree with MasturDbtor that it would be better to train left-handed kids to become ambidextrous. Personally, I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous.

  • Parents should not be controlling their child's physical abilities. You shouldn't change something they were born with.

    Why does it matter being right handed or left handed when you grow up? It absolutely doesn't matter. I mean, 10 years from now is your child going to depend on the right hand or left hand to see if they will get into a College. It is our brains that will determine that. NOT what hand we write with. Let people be born how they were born. Let them be themselves. Who are we and try to change who they are and their physical features.

  • i'm left handed

    well i guess 2,500 left handed people do die each year from right handed products, and it would have been easier to get golf clubs for me. BUT, it's a brain thing. they are programmed like that and i'm programmed like that. All that would do is take us back to the olden times when left handed people we devil worshipers

  • No, they should try to get them to be ambidextrous

    Why would anyone consider it better to only have good use of one hand.
    Parents should encourage their kids, right or left handed to sometimes use their other hand, that will exercise the side of their brain they are using less and help lead to a more well-balanced child.

  • No, I don't think parents should be that picky about their kids being left-handed, because they should be happy enough that their children are healthy.

    Being left-handed can sometimes be better off for you. In many sports, like boxing and basketball, it is an advantage to be left-handed. So, why mess with it? I have would no problem with my kids being left-handed.

    Posted by: PainstakingLawrence
  • No, because there is nothing wrong with a child writing with their left hand

    It is true that most school utensils are built for right-handed users, such as scissors and calculators. But, that does not mean that kids should not be allowed to follow their natural instincts. There are many left-handed people in the world, and it is not considered a physical defect.

    Posted by: CeIIoBurke
  • Parents should not try to make their left-handed toddlers switch to being right-handed, because the practice is outmoded, unnecessary, and frustrates the child with no good result.

    Back in the day, if a kid was left-handed, some relative or "expert" might suggest that his parents try to force him to be right-handed. This was a misguided practice that is best abandoned, as it largely is now. Forcing a child to try to use his non-dominant hand creates frustration for him and does not teach him anything. There are plenty of left-handed people in the world who get along just fine, and anything that's made for right-handed people can be found for left-handed people as well.

    Posted by: tagapps
  • Parents should not try to switch their left handed toddlers to be right-handed, because there are physical reasons for being left handed.

    Parents should not try to switch their left handed toddlers to be right-handed, because there are physical reasons for being left handed. Right-handed persons utilize the left hemisphere of their brain, while left-handed persons utilize the right hemisphere. For whatever reason, left-handed people are far better at multi-tasking than right-handed people. It is better to let left-handed persons be themselves.

    Posted by: JamieM
  • Being left-handed doesn't hurt anyone, so I don't think parents should try to change left-handed children.

    You can buy scissors and other things made for left-handed children. It doesn't cause any problems or ridicule from peers, and every task can still be accomplished.

    Posted by: darcyska
  • No, because parents should not force their toddlers to predominately use one hand or the other, regardless of which hand.

    Some years ago, it was believed by psychologists that a child should not learn to write, eat, or color using their left hand. In fact, it held a sort of stigma if you told someone your child was left-handed. People are given certain traits from birth, and some people are just naturally more functional with one hand or the other. Forcing a toddler to switch from using their left hand, and making the child use only the right hand, is the wrong thing for parents to do.

    Posted by: ep0xihusky

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lidia.watzktyshoov says2013-04-29T16:14:32.837
During my times as a political refugee in the war torn former Chezchoslovakia, now Poland, I experienced this first hand. It was utterly terrifying. The regional communist dictator, Vladscovi Lucshaciksk, of my pre educational learning unit, Усадьбы, often enforced this type of deconstructive critisism upon us all. Now, the question pertains to parents. You ask: why does Lidia not talk of parents? Vladscovi was our parent, the great father. He made me left handed through osmosis.