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    Yeah agree that childeren must be vaccinated. In my country if you as from normal minded person that why r u vaccinated your children mybe he will say maybe my child will not have cars homes in future but wanna my child have heathy life style healty mind . .

  • Yes they should

    They should because it will help the child. It will also help anyone around the child. Also, other children shouldn't catch a disease because of one person who had it. Parents should always do their best for their child and helping them from not getting a disease is the best way.

  • Of course, why not?

    Vaccines work. That's a fact. We need more people in America to believe it, because 2 major outbreaks have already occurred in the U.S.A. Parents who don't vaccinate their child are not just hurting the child, they are also hurting people around the child. Vaccinations need to becaome mandatory in America

  • Most of the time

    Yes I think that most of the time, parents should vaccinate their children. It is important to combat certain diseases and is important in helping children grow up happy and healthy. I think that vaccinations need to be researched and tested a lot to make them safe for people to use.

  • Yes they should

    I personally think that getting a child vaccinated is the best thing to do. I think so because it will protect them from getting a disease. Vaccination will protect the children from the people around them that have a disease. Vaccines keeps the diseases from spreading. It will benefit your child

  • Yes.

    Children should vaccinate their children. These vaccinations will prevent children from getting potentially life threatening diseases. The majority of children do not have any side effects from these vaccines. It has also not been proven that vaccines are the cause of health problems with the child as is often discussed in the media.

  • Yes The Should

    There's very little evidence that vaccinations cause any problems for children. It's advisable for parents to vaccinate their children because the benefits far outweigh the possible harm that could come to their children. This will also ensure they don't cause their younger siblings to get ill. The diseases that vaccinations protect against can be deadly.

  • Yes, Parents Should Vaccinate Their Children

    Children are exposed to various elements that could have detrimental effects on the child's health. In addition, vaccination not only protects that child from disease, but minimizes the transmission of diseases to other children. Vaccinations also help a child build up immunity to limit the future contraction of diseases, leading to a healthier and more comfortable life.

  • Yes, Parents Should Vaccinate their Children

    Parents should vaccinate their children to protect them against disease. In addition, vaccination will help to protect the entire community from certain diseases. Vaccines prevents the spread of communicable diseases, and children are exposed to many others on a daily basis at school, daycare, the playground, etc. A viral or bacterial outbreak can be avoided just by the simple act of vaccination.

  • In most cases, yes

    While this is the type of thing I do not think you can make mandatory, yes, in most cases I consider it the right course of action. Most of the claims against vaccination such as "it causes Autism" are unfounded, some parents point at vaccines given at the age that signs of Autism become noticeable as the cause. It's coincidental, the shot and the signs came up at the same age. Vaccines have made it this far because they are beneficial medicine and not something to be feared.

  • Are you loyal to God?

    Everything that happens is God's will. I believe it is a desecration to act against his will. Furthermore this is proven by Mississippi and West Virginia allowing parents to opt out from mandatory vaccinations for religious reasons. The government hides the potential risks that vaccines contain. It is also an Sin to test thousands of people for vaccinations.

  • Its the Parents choice

    Although i do believe vaccinations are good, i believe that it should be the parents choice to choose wether they want their child vaccinated or not. That is a personal thing, not something for the government to mandate. The government should not be able to tell you you have to or don't have to.

  • Why tell someone what to do

    1 of millions get a disease because of the vaccines and parents are afraid that 1 could be their child so why make a parent scared also its like making someone paying money for something they don't want. And some parents just don't feel comfortable. Like my parents didn't feel comfortable

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