Should parents waste money on a big sweet 16 party?

  • I believe sweet sixteen's are important

    Even though I do say yes, there are certain circumstances that I do say no to a sweet sixteen. I believe they are important because it is a time where they can make memories with friends and family, as well as have a fun party. People are very extravagant and draw the line (for me at least) by spending thousands of dollars. Instead, have a party at your house and play music, or go on a road trip and bring along friends. People don't always have to have a huge party to have fun.

  • I think sweet 16 is an important event because...

    It helps a girl remember all of her childhood memories because probably when they get older they wont remember all those things so i think they should be allowed to waste money on sweet 16! It is the most important event of a girls life were she can remember everything!

  • Yes, sweet 16 parties are a big event for girls

    Having an awesome sweet 16 party is one of the major events that happen in a girl's life. The parents shouldn't waste too much money on it, but it is important that the girl is given a lasting memory of an amazing party that she had when she turned 16, a very important age in a child's life.

  • Save Money for College Instead

    As opposed to throwing the largest sweet 16 party to end all sweet 16 parties, why not put that money towards a college fund? Other practical uses for that party include savings bonds, donating to charity or buying things such as clothes and school supplies. Turning 16 isn't the big deal it used to be--everyone gets driver's licenses now and everyone gets to go to homecoming or the prom. Celebrate graduating high school instead as that is a monumental achievement as opposed to turning 16!

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