• It encourages adoption.

    Yes, parents who adopt should receive a tax credit, because any time we pay for a behavior there will be more of it. Parents who adopt hardly receive a great deal of their pay in return by a simple little tax credit. But knowing there is some relief will help prospective parents be able to decide that adoption is possible for their family.

  • Yes, the tax credit will still make more money available to care for the child

    Child tax credits are to help people take better care of their children. Since it is to benefit the child, it should not matter whether the kid is blood related to their parents or not. Children everywhere on Earth need clothes, shoes, food, shelter, toys, and experiences. If two couples in the same tax bracket take on the care of children, one couple's child biological and the other one adopted, they need the same benefits because their children have basically the same needs to satisfy out of similar amounts of resources. It's the amount of money available that should be considered, not the origin of the child.

  • Yes, they should get something

    If they take a child off the governments hands, they should be able to get some kind of benefit initially. In time, those benefits should be halted, slowly. The best way to look at it is, tax payers have to pay less if the child is being taken care of, the child is in better hands hopefully too.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, I think that it would be a very good thing to let those who adopt a child, and open their hearts to accept a child that is not theirs get a tax credit to help with raising the child and making sure that it has a good home to grow in.

  • Yes, they should

    Not only should parents who adopt receive a tax credit for doing so, but on top of that, they should receive a stipend from the government each month that covers part of the costs, depending on how much the tax payer makes per year. Finances are important in adopting children.

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