Should parents who don't vaccinate their children be legally responsible for anyone who becomes sick from their child?

  • Yes, adults who don't vaccinate their children should be legally responsible.

    Not vaccinating children can be a dangerous practice, not only for the child who isn't vaccinated, but also for other children. And, unfortunately, especially for older adults, as their vaccination immunization protection tapers off over time. We're too far removed from the generations where these diseases were deadly for people to truly understand how much risk they're putting their child and others under. If people make this potentially disastrous decision, they should do so under threat of consequences if something goes wrong.

  • Absolutely yes and

    Why would you resist vaccination of your kids? If it's because of religious beliefs the children should be put into state care because the parents are by definition mentally insane to sacrifice kids health for ridiculous beliefs . It is your civic duty to vaccinate your kids , no doubt some bleeding heart will whimper about infringement of rights .

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