Should parents who give their children names that will cause the children harm be charged with child abuse?

Asked by: bigdave
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  • Not at all

    Society decides what's supposedly right or wrong in terms of names. It's just a name. People shouldn't be bullied or teased based on what their names are.
    And no, parents should not be charged with child abuse. They're not abusing the child, the bullies are. People should be taught to be respectful of other people and no-one should be blamed for having a name that's out of the ordinary.

  • I believe that adults have a choice of what to call their children

    I think that after all the work adults go to for their kids the least they should be able to do is choose their name. What if an adult had a name that meant something special to them? Say the adult's last name was darkness (eg. Emma darkness) and she had been in a hard time. So she decides to name her beautiful baby Light inthe Darkness. Some might say that this is a bad name to give a baby, when they grow up they might be bullied and ridiculed for having such a name, therefore coming under the heading harmful. However whenever this lady looks at her child or says her name she is reminded how wonderful her baby is, that she has given her life new direction and new hope. Now imagine how you would feel if you were that lady and got charged with child abuse for calling your kid that.

    So that is my opinion. I hope readers will understand and not take it the wrong way.


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