Should parents who practice faith healing be prosecuted if their child dies from a preventable illness?

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  • They are allowing their child to die.

    Think about it. They could just send their child to the doctor and faith heal while using the medicine, but they ignored a practice that is proven to work! Parents are choosing to value their own beliefs over the life of their child, so they need to realize the consequences of not trusting the realities of their world.
    A lot of times people value their beliefs so much that they choose to ignore something that doesn't fit their narrative. It isn't right to have people walking around like that, especially since it is a danger to others. There are times where you have to admit you're wrong and be the mature one. They could just pretend it worked and take them to a doctor anyways.

  • Faith Healing is a DEADLY PLACEBO

    Religious Beliefs should NEVER come into play for the welfare of a child who is not old enough to have a say for themselves. Religion and Faith are forms of CHILD ABUSE on INNOCENT CHILDREN! Now if an Adult would like to practice their imaginary faith healing on themselves, GO FOR IT But LEAVE THE CHILDREN ALONE WITH RELIGIOUS NONSENSE and get them the MEDICAL HELP they deserve. I get upset when I hear about this, that Child didn't have their own voice.

  • It's as good as murder

    If we have the means to treat a life threatening illness and a parent denies their child this treatment in favour of prayer, they are murdering their child, it's as simple as that. If those religious fanatics want to deny themselves treatment and die then so be it, good riddance to bad rubbish in my opinion. However, if they choose to murder their innocent children they should be punished.

  • It's Just Cruel

    It's been proven not to work time and time again and is detrimental to the child's health. Sure, there's the occasional coincidence, but mostly it just fails. Just bring your child to a hospital and they'll be fine. I don't see how people could just deny science like that. It's ridiculous.

  • They are the reason their child died

    Faith healing has always seemed ridiculous to me, but I never think somebody should be arrested for it. HOWEVER, if parents could have saved their kids but were too stubborn on their faith over science, they should be prosecuted. I think it counts as child neglect; the kid had a sickness and the parents neglected to do the one thing that could have saved them.

  • Sure, pray if you want, but medicine is proven to help.

    To shorten a child's life span like that? Evil.

    Even to themselves- "Thou shalt not kill."

    Well, you could easily argue that preventing them from getting something life sustaining is killing them. If you refuse to let them eat, or drink, then when they fall over dead you can hardly pretend that it's not you who killed them. So they're breaking the ten commandments. Wrong to us, wrong to them. Two wrongs don't make a right- don't wrong the child.

  • God vs. Medicine

    If a religious couple decide they will not rely on modern medicine, they can make that choice for themselves, but it's wrong to make that decision for their kids. They are responsible for their offspring, and that includes keeping them healthy. How do they explain that they prayed to God to cure whatever illness or disability their child had, but he/she died anyway?

  • Legality over Faith

    "In a recent high-profile case in Oregon, parents were charged with manslaughter and criminal mistreatment in the death of their 15-month-old daughter for refusing to give her necessary medical care."

    the Free Exercise Clause protects religious beliefs, but it does not insulate religiously motivated actions from a law unless that law singles out religion for disfavored treatment. Therefore, in the Oregon faith-healing case, the Free Exercise Clause did not protect the parents from criminal charges resulting from their failure to seek medical treatment because the state’s manslaughter and criminal mistreatment laws require all parents, regardless of their religious beliefs or affiliations, to seek medical treatment for their children. -Pew

    The right to believe does not extend to the right to endanger the lives of children.

    "To some extent or another it is the responsibility of government to watch out for its most defenseless citizens, so there is some way in which the government has to say, 'At this point we have to watch out for this child." -CT

  • No they shouldn't

    I am an atheist, I think that faith healing is the dumbest thing ever, but the parents shouldn't be prosecuted just because they didn't want their child to get help from a doctor, they believed they were doing the right thing and they thought they were helping the child. Instead of prosecuting them, how about the government makes it mandatory to go to the doctor for that sorts of things, and if the parents still faith heal instead, after the law is passed, then they should be prosecuted

  • No, of course not. Drugs are not a basic necessity

    A major problem with the world today is the idea of what is a bare necessity.
    The ONLY bare necessities are:
    a) a form of food
    b) a form of water
    c) 1 pair of clothes

    outside of this, parents are not required to give a child anything else. They haven't for thousands of years and they still shouldn't for thousands more.

    Also consider this: Around the world today there are millions of innocent children who die of JUST hunger. There are also on top of those millions, even millions more that die of thirst. There are even more who die of illness. Is that illness preventable? Yes, Did they prevent it? No.
    Instead of complaining about this lame topic should we help out those who die of even more basic needs than shots? Most definitely.

  • It is obviously an idiotic act to turn away from medicine when it is a preventable disease

    However, it is not the parents fault for being raised in the environment where they are told that the holy spirit will do a better job of healing their child than any modern medicines. I think that those who pose as faith healers should hold a lot of the blame, because they are convincing people they are supplying the service of healing when actually in fact they are not. That is fraud and therefore they should be punished, not the parents.

  • Insult to injury.

    Personally, I would just tell them how simple the cure would have been and how their actions directly caused the child's unnecessary death. Basically let them know that their child's blood is on their hands, that they basically murdered their child. Granted, they would already be grieving but not telling them may make them think that their child would die anyway. By focusing the blame on them, maybe they will choose more wisely next time. Having them jailed for it would be a bit too far, after all, they just lost a child. A better thing would be to encourage them to sue their clergy. After all, they clergy gave medical advice that caused their child to die. I am not a lawyer but from what I have read, this could cause them to be sent to prison and have to pay restitution for the loss.

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