Should parents who refuse to vaccinate their children be able to send them to public schools?

Asked by: geauxpelicans5
  • If the other children have been vaccinated then why should they be afraid of those that haven't?

    I recently read an article about this that bascially referred to these children as walking biological weapons, however I don't see this as parents who have had their children vaccinated should not fear that they will catch a disease they have been vaccinated for. Just for some background information the parents who refused to vaccinate their children cited harmful substances that are found in vaccines.

  • Unvaccinated kids at school do no harm than unvaccinated kids outside of school

    Regardless if an unvaccinated child is going to public school or is being home schooled that child will still go to the community playground. Will go to the public pool. Will go to the grocery store, the library, restaurants, everywhere your vaccinated child will go. If you are so convinced that your vaccinations will keep your child safe from the sickness than why should you worry if a non vaccinated child is around your kid? Your kid will not get sick!

  • No. No. No!

    Kids will get sick if you have one child in your school that has the sickness. Which will go to your kid making our kid sick. Your kid will miss school and then you will wonder who got your kid sick. And then you will say to your self. Oh yeah its the kid we let into school without a vaccination.

  • The unvaccinated child could get sick very easily.

    Though the children are vaccinated, they can still transfer disease to the child that isn't. It's like walking around in a minefield with a blindfold on. None of the children show symptoms due to vaccination, so here is no way of telling how much danger your child is in. Vaccination should always be a priority when children are born.

  • You'd just be allowing a kid to infect everyone.

    The reason why we get vaccinated is so that we won't have to deal with diseases, or at the least so that they're not as deadly as they could be. Allowing unvaccinated children into the schools would mean that everyone around them is at risk of a disease.
    Why let another parent's ignorance be paid for with your own child's health? I wouldn't want that.
    In fact, why do anti-vaccers think that vaccines are dangerous? They don't cause autism or give people the live disease or whatever they think it does.

  • No it's not allowed!

    Kids have the right to go to school without worrying about getting sick from somebody else, and parents have the right to not be worried about their kid coming home sick. Parents who refuse to vaccinate their children are obviously irresponsible and are don't care that their child is exposed to harm.

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