• Parents should be able to decide what is best.

    Everyone has their own opinions about things and I believe that a parent should have the right to decide what their children learn and don't learn. Some people do not like the idea of their children learning some things from others and I think that it should be respected. If I want to be the one to teach my child about sensitive matters I should be able to.

  • Parents know best

    Parents should have control over children's education. Parents are the best thing for them. I know that teachers are the true educators and gone to school, but still parents know best for there children. I have no problem for when parents take matters into their own hands. Teachers are amazing and nothing against them, but parents will always know best.

  • Is it so bad, we are debating this

    This is just horrible, have we started to accept bad parenting and give them an out. Oh hey you are such a terrible parent we will now make your decision's for you. Next we will approve institutional facilities to raise our children for us, and remove all responsibilities. Don't get me wrong, I think teachers do an okay job with what they have to work with, but they are just another part of the process. What if one teacher wants to do it this way, and the next another way. The only common denominator in a child's life is family.

  • Yes, parents should control their children's education.

    I think that the decision that should be made in regards to a child's education should be up to the parents. While it is important that a teacher is able to share their opinion about what is important for a kid to learn, the ultimate decision should be up to the parents.

  • No, the teachers should.

    A parent could be absolutely insane and influence the future of a child in a negative may. As an example people teaching their kids creationism instead of evolution. This will only serve to harm to child if you're just teaching something as if it's science based on your religious beliefs.

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