• Anyone can be a role model, even Paris Hilton

    Just like every person on the planet, Paris Hilton is by any means perfect. However, our mistakes are what helps develop us into adults and God willing, making better choices. To say Paris isn't all that smart depends on your perception of smart. She probably won't be finding a cure for cancer or using her spare change to feed a poor country but she can still be a role model. Paris has a very real presence in Fashion , perfume, she even sang at one point and has made some cameo appearances and done the Tonight Show. A reality show or two and I think maybe a book? Already coming from an influential family, Paris wanted to break out into the social scene, and although not in the most classy way, her sex tape a night in Paris is really what made her name. She took something private and was deemed to be humiliating and turned herself into an empire. Im sure there and those who could say she's one heck of a role model.

  • Paris Hilton is a role model as a business person.

    Paris Hilton is a very successful business woman. She has products that are actually more popular abroad than they are here. She has certainly made some mistakes in her personal life; however, she has been a success in her professional career. As a role model, people can learn from her mistakes and her successes.

  • Paris Hilton is not a role model.

    Paris Hilton has accomplished absolutely nothing in her life. She is a failed porn star. She is a failed TV star. She is a failed singer. She is a failed heiress. Eventually she will be a failed party girl. Yes, she lives a lavish lifestyle, but has never worked for anything and has no recognizable consequences. None of this is by her design. She just happened to be the daughter of a very rich man.

  • Paris Hilton should not be considered a role model

    Paris Hilton was born wealthy and didn't have to study or work hard to gain her success. One of the main reasons I believe she should not be considered a role model is the fact that she has a sex tape released to the public. This is heavily frowned upon by society and because of this I do not think it is fair to consider Paris Hilton a role model.

  • Paris isn't a role model.

    I do not think Paris Hilton should be a role model. Do not get me wrong, I think Paris is actually a very nice person. Or so it seems. But she was born to a very wealthy family, knew fame her entire life, and has lived in a bubble. She's not a good representative of every-day people, and shoudn't be looked up to.

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