Should parliamentary debate encourage the inclusion of evidence?

  • It would be a nice change.

    It's a shame that the current versions of parliamentary debate do not already encourage the inclusion of evidence. Just imagine how much more sensible and level headed our political environment would be if our leaders had to do away with rhetoric and actually present facts to bolster their cases. No wonder politicans don't want it.

  • Of Course It Should

    I believe when parliament is in debate about topics that have evidence or proof of a better outcome, then by all means we should be using the evidence to make judgments and decisions on, over everything else. Evidence can decide key probability factors that might make one answer the clear option.

  • True debate looks at evidence.

    Yes, parliamentary debate should encourage the inclusion of evidence, because truly examining the best course of action for a problem includes looking at all of the evidence. Leaders cannot make good decisions without facts. People need to have all of the relevant information before they can decide what is best for the nation.

  • Of Course It Should

    I believe parliamentary debate should encourage the inclusion of evidence. This is one of the main reasons we seek out truths and do scientific investigations of everything, so people can make better, smarter decisions. Not including evidence leads to a room full of people throwing solid opinions out. Debate should lead to an answer.

  • Debate Requires Evidence

    For obvious reasons, parliamentary debate must encourage the inclusion of evidence. A politician's argument is null and void without the proper amount of evidence. Nobody should accept another person's argument without evidence to avoid problems. Too many people overlook evidence because they don't care enough to know what's going on.

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