• Abortion is painful for the fetus, unhealthy for the woman, and just wrong and inhumane.

    1st off, partial-birth abortion, also known as IDX, is painful for the fetus. After 8 weeks of fertilization, the unborn child reacts to touch, according to several doctors between 2004 and 2012 (Goopter, Grover, Miles).Also the poor baby dies in the end…..No, not even just dies, but dies painfully. In 1984, Ronald Reagan said that during an abortion,“As early as eight to ten weeks after conception, and definitely by thirteen-and-a-half weeks, the unborn experiences organic pain…. First, the unborn child's mouth, at eight weeks, then her hands at ten weeks, then her face, arms, and legs at eleven weeks become sensitive to touch. By thirteen-and-a-half weeks, it responds to pain at all levels of her nervous system in an integrated response which cannot be termed a mere reflex. It can now experience pain.” Not only does the fetus experience pain but so can the woman, leading me to my next statement.

    2ndly, partial-birth abortion is unhealthy for women. Partial-birth abortion not only harms and kills a fetus, but it can also harm and have some effects on the woman. According to the free dictionary, the longer you wait to get an abortion, the more complicated it will be and the greater risk of injury to the woman and so getting an abortion early is definitely recommended or just using methods to prevent pregnancy, an example being birth control. Some of the difficulties that can occur when doing partial-birth abortion is: heavy bleeding, blood clots, damage to the cervix or uterus, pelvic infection, and anesthesia-related complications. Possible long-term risks include difficulty to become pregnant once again or carrying a future pregnancy to term. Partial-birth abortion not only pains a woman physically but it can also pain her emotionally.

    At last, partial-birth abortion is wrong and inhumane. Partial-birth abortion is when an abortionist grabs the baby’s legs, with forceps, guided by an ultrasound, then pull their legs into the birth canal “delivers” the baby’s entire body, except for their head. Then, jams scissors into the baby’s head and opens them to enlarge the hole. The scissors are then removed and a suction catheter is inserted and the child’s brain is sucked out, making the skull collapse. The dead baby is then removed. Around 1973, case Roe vs. Wade, the states showed an interest in protecting the life of a fetus after viability. The court permitted states to be able to outlaw abortion after the 3rd trimester of pregnancy except when the procedure is necessary. Now, according to Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, partial-birth abortion back in the spotlight, in 2003, garnered much attention due to the gruesome and inhumane procedure and was banned. Proving to be a huge win for the pro-life community/movement, the decision validated extending protection for unborn babies and women by upholding the ban on brutal partial-birth abortions while allowing the exclusion of a health exception. For the first time, we were able to ban an abortion procedure because of its gruesomeness, inhumanity, and lack of medical necessity.

  • Killing an innocent child is not ok!!!!!

    The baby has feelings too.. Whatever you feel it feels. Whatever you eat that baby eats. If you didnt want a baby you shouldnt of had sex and waited til you were so far along in your pregnancy ad decided that you didnt want that baby anymore. If you choose not to be a mother anymore dont kill your child. Give it up for adoption to a couple who can not have babies themselves. Dont be selfish and take away someone elses life because your unfit!!!!!

  • Simply unnecessary and violent.

    There are other ways to kill the fetus than using the catheter to crush the skull and suck off the brain. Surgeons can use a more civilized way by only poking a hole in the skull. There are also many more ways to kill the fetus other than partial birth abortion.

  • Why kill a living thing?

    Partial birth abortion should be ban because of the inhumane way abortionist do things. The woman is made to go into birth, then the baby is pulled out of the birth canal except the head. The abortionist cut a hole in the skull then stick a catheter into the wound. The brains are sucked out making the skull to collapse. After that the baby's body is pulled completely out.
    I would understand why you would get one if you had some deadly medical condition, but if it's just because you changed your mind about having the baby that's stupid .

  • Abortion Should Be A Felony

    1) Abortion Is Murder No Matter What The Reason Is. 2) Anyone That Advocates For Or Aborts A Child Should Be Publicly Executed. 3) If A Parent/Parents Forces Their Daughter To Abort Her Unborn Baby, But She Refuses Then The Daughter Should Be Allowed To Kill Her Own Parent/Parents. 4) If A Parent/Parents Force Their Daughter To Abort Her Unborn Baby & Their Daughter Agrees To Abort Her Unborn Baby, Then The Daughter & Her Parent/Parents Should Be Publicly Executed. 5) There's Other Alternatives Like Adopting The Child Out To A Friend Or Family Member). 6) If The Mother Is Going To Die Then Let Her Die, Because A Child Is More Important Then An Adult.

  • I believe it should be banned, because it is inhumane and immoral.

    If you are against the banning of partial-birth abortion, think about it well before answering.. Think about this, if you did or were per say going to do it.. Wouldn't you like to know that you will be considered a murderer. Life begins at conception, fetus, embryo, whatever, it's already a living thing. Look up the procedure for this type of abortion, it's inhumane to do that to an unborn defenseless child. At a certain amount of weeks, they can feel pain. Why would you want to kill an unborn baby? Just think about it before doing it. There are other options, give it up for adoption, why should any type of abortion, especially partial-birth abortion be an option? If it's life threatening, then think twice before having sex, save a life, and make smart choices, remember you only live once, you only have one life, use your decisions wisely.

  • Sick, inhumane and illogical

    Why would a woman keep herself pregnant just to kill a newborn, more future boys and girls are killed through abortion than a some complications. Does it occur to you all that opposed banning it that should wear a condom and/or use some kind of pill. You say all about women adult women but what about the defenseless babies.

  • It should be banned.

    While I fully support abortion in most forms, this is not one of them. This IS murder. You are intentionally KILLING the baby with a scalpel.

    I believe abortion is totally a woman's choice. I just believe that partial-birth abortion should be banned. Humane methods (like euthanasia) are the answer.

  • You want in so why give out!!

    Partial abortion should be banned . I understand for 16-18 my be young
    and you want to live your life like a normal teenager but think before death , all the chances and opportunities like becoming a model or famous you wouldn't be where you are unless your mother give birth so why take some one else's life away remember my quote "(you will have 100 passes to live ' and only 1 to die )

  • You wanted kill yourself so why kill others!

    I think partial abortion should be banned I know if you are young you just want to get rid of the problem ans live a normal life but just remember that the things that swim inside you have feelings even if it has not decided yet . You should think if you haven't been born you wouldn't be the person you are today , why take same one else's life ? When you fell insecure just give this baby life , love and chances .

  • There is no actual medical procedure called partial birth abortion.

    What's actually being discussed are later term abortions and they are done when the women's health is in danger , the fetus/child's is unable to survive or will suffer further by continuing the pregnancy. These procedures are not done simply "because". They are not done lightly and are best left to the women and her doctor. Politics do not belong in the middle of a Doctor and the patient.

  • Partial-birth abortion is a valuable procedure and should not be banned in the U.S.

    While partial-birth abortion may seem horrific to some, in reality it is no worse than when a puppy gets put to sleep. This procedure would be especially useful when the procedure could not be performed any other way without harm to the mother, or as a way to ensure that no babies with defects are brought into society since they are a drain on the finances of everyone.

    Posted by: M0r3Fire
  • No, partial birth abortion should not be banned because women should have the choice either to carry the baby to full term or to terminate the pregnancy.

    Many a time, women get pregnant without their knowledge. It might be an unplanned pregnancy, the result of rape or an unwanted pregnancy. Abortion in such cases has to be resorted to because the lives and futures of such mothers is at stake. Instead of giving birth to babies and abandoning them, it is better if the mothers abort the baby.

    Posted by: TigerDeII
  • I oppose banning partial-birth abortion because it may be necessary for the health of the mother.

    Although partial-birth abortions should not be used as a form of birth control, such procedures are medically necessary at times in order to protect the health and well-being of the woman. At times they may even be necessary in order to protect her life. To ban partial-birth abortions in all instances will result in the loss of life of many women.

    Posted by: dangorious
  • I oppose banning this form of abortion because it is a necessary medical procedure in many cases.

    The abortion procedure sometimes called "partial-birth abortion" (dilation and extraction) is most often used by doctors in cases where the fetus is already dead or will not be able to live outside the woman's body. It can save women's lives and health and prevent them from having to carry a dead fetus for weeks or months, risking serious infection. D&X has been targeted by anti-abortion activists largely because it allows them to make sensational claims about the distastefulness of the procedure, but like any medical procedure, it is only used in cases where the woman and her doctor conclude that it is needed.

    Posted by: 54I0mIntcat
  • Partial-birth abortions should not be banned.

    Partial-birth abortions should not be banned. Medical procedures should meet a higher standard to be barred than just an unpleasant name and connotations. "Partial-birth abortion" is a misnomer to stir up negative sentiment and it's also a procedure very rarely performed. It's also a big first step to restricting abortion rights in general.

    Posted by: H0bi3Invader
  • People should have the right to make their own decisions regarding their bodies and offspring.

    Until a child is actually born, the parent has the right to make decisions regarding their bodies and the things that their bodies produce. For example, a partial birth abortion should not be illegal for a person who has made the decision that the fetus is too deformed or retarded to live a worthwhile life.

    Posted by: Wynn354

    It is her body, so she should be able to do what she wants, regardless of whether the baby may die. The woman was here first before the baby, and it's her body. Also, partial-birth abortion may be a result of rape or may help the mother survive.

  • Partial birth abortion should not be banned because doing so will only endanger the lives of pregnant women.

    No one likes the idea of partial-birth abortion, but believe it or not it is medically necessary in some cases to save the life of the woman. Sometimes serious complications arise late in pregnancy and a partial-birth abortion is the best medical approach. Even if partial-birth abortions were allowed in cases of medical necessity, women would likely be placed in the horrible situation of not being able to get a necessary abortion until after they had proved the necessity of it, meaning that they would spend longer in medical danger.

    Posted by: YummyIke50
  • No, because a ban on all partial-birth abortion could be harmful to women.

    To ban any kind of abortion would be an attack on women. Very few women opt for a partial birth abortion. And, overwhelmingly, in cases where they do, it is due to medical reasons, such as a congenital or fatal defect in the fetus, or the potential death of the mother if she carries her child to term.

    Posted by: CurvyErich46

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