Should "Partial-Birth" (Third Trimester) Abortion Be Banned?

  • Babies die from this

    If you were a baby wouldnt you want to live? Why would you keep the baby for this long?When you see the baby it will all be worth it. The world will see what wonders we can show them in the making of a child's mind, the cuteness, the joy as they laugh in delight, as you feed them, as you love them unconditionally. Please save the babies.
    Thank you.

  • Of course. It harms a 5 month old fetus.

    The doctor yanks the lower half of the baby out and while the upper half of the baby is still inside the mom he uses scissors to cut it's brains or hits the soft spot on it's head and kills it. This procedure is only don't in fetuses who are older ban 20 weeks. If you wanted an abortion you should has done it before the baby could feel pain.

  • I'm pro choice, but it's too late

    I support a woman's rights to have an abortion if she wants, but by the third trimester the baby is so developed that an abortion would be inhumane. By that point the woman should have made a choice. If she waits until that point to decide, it's her own fault. Abortions before then should be allowed if necessary, but in the third trimester it is too late.

  • Yes, they are living children.

    Yes, partial-birth abortion should be banned, because a child is a living human being. There are many alternatives to abortion at that point. Women can simply place their child up for adoption. The child has to be born at that point anyways, so there is no reason not to have it born alive and give it up for adoption.

  • I am pro-choice, but i don't support third trimester abortions.

    I believe that “partial birth” or third trimester abortions
    are inhumane. By the third trimester,
    babies are mostly formed and are almost ready to be born. I believe that if two potential parents are
    responsible, they should be able to come to an abortion decision within the
    first few months of pregnancy.

  • Abortion should be completely legal

    Banning abortion in certain cases, or after a certain time period, sets a bad precedent that can lead to a slippery slope. Banning abortion in some cases gives legitimacy to those arguing that abortions are, in some way, immoral, and should not be recognized by the government. Banning abortions in or after a certain window is unscientific and makes little sense in relation to the development of the fetus or the ability of the mother to previously obtain an abortion.

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