Should passenger cars be required to be hybrid by 2020?

Asked by: williamfoote
  • This would help the earth get the environmental stability it needs

    This would help the earth get the environmental stability it needs. It would have the effect of taking millions of cars off the roads of the world. It would also be a step towards more emissions standards for automakers, whos emission averages have not changed since 2010. Cars need to be more efficient if we still want to have a planet and not a furnace of greenhouse gasses

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  • No, we can't afford it.

    No, passenger cars should not be required to be hybrid by 2020, because some people cannot afford to spend $40,000 on a new car. Hybrid cars are a nice idea, but some people are just trying to get by, and cannot afford luxury vehicles. It would be like requiring everyone to have a million dollars by 2020, and then blaming them when it doesn't happen.

  • No not required.

    Although there is a lot of good reasons to use a hybrid vehicle, I do not think it should be a requirement by 2020, if ever. There are a lot of passenger cars that get really good miles per gallon and should be allowed on the road. Also, there are purely electric cars that are not hybrid and this law would mean they wouldn't be allowed either.

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