• Students Need to Focus on Exam Scores

    Students undoubtedly need to focus on passing exams with strong scores. This holds true throughout a person's schooling from elementary school to high school and college. Students need to focus upon their own personal development along the way, too. Otherwise, they become too accustomed to treating everything like an exam.

  • Yes it should.

    Passing exams should be the aim of students. When you are learning stuff in class, the only way to know that you are learning it is to take a test on it and pass. Doing homework is essentially worthless as a way to gauge it because you can cheat and have the book open next to you.

  • Exams are vital.

    Absolutely. At times, I feel the exams are a bit more important then the homework, since the exams carry a much bigger burden on the grades, especially in college. Some college courses, your whole grade is based on your exam scores. Students should definitely aim to score as high as possible on these exams.

  • Passing exams should be the aim of students.

    Passing exams should be the aim of students. In order to pass an exam, you must understand the content that is behind it which means to study. So anything that causes students to study more is for the better. It should be expected of every student to do well on exams.

  • No I don't think so.

    I do not think that passing exams should be the aim of student. Although it usually is. I think the aim of students should be to learn. When students focus too much on passing tests they do not retain information well. They will also be more likely to cheat in order to pass.

  • Passing exams should not be the aim of students.

    Passing exams should not be the aim of students. The goal of school is to create learners that form the fabric of tomorrow's future. If we put a student under so much stress because they need to pass an exam that they don't learn anything, that ruins what school is supposed to be about.

  • learn not pass

    Students should not be needing to pass all standardized testing. The AIMS is a joke. The goal of school is to learn. We put too much emphasis on making sure schools pass exams and leave the kids knowing something but not knowing all of it. If I asked a child what the war of 1812 was they would know maybe who was in it but nothing besides that.

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