• Yes, he should participate in debates.

    Mainstream news really should present both sides of an argument. If they're going to have a liberal on to discuss politics, it makes sense to also include a conservative politician to discuss the opposite side. Buchanan is qualified to speak on the conservative side, as a conservative. He served as an adviser for a few Presidents, including Ronald Reagan.

  • Pat Buchanan should participate in debates on mainstream news networks.

    Pat Buchanan should participate in debates on mainstream news networks. Pat Buchanan is well known for his conservative views and he represents a segment of society that ascribe to his views of government and policy. In order to have a freedom of exchange in information between members from all parts of the political spectrum, people like Pat Buchanan should be allowedto participate in debateson Mainstream news networks.

  • A smart man

    Yes, I do think that this man would be good to have on a lot of debates on the the mainstream news networks. He is a very smart man, and would be able to give a good argument for the things that he believes in, which is what we need.

  • No, he wil make too many people upset.

    Pat Buchanan is a smart dude, but he is way too conservative to be speaking his mind on television. He cannot keep his mouth shut sometimes, and people all over the place will constantly get angry if he continues to participate in these debates on mainstream television all over the country.

  • He is considered extreme.

    No, Pat Buchanan should not participate in debates on mainstream news, because he is not considered mainstream. His participating in debates will not help the conservative party, because he is considered a bit extreme. He should allow up and coming people in the party to take the spotlight, so that they can win elections.

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