Should patent and copyright on higher life forms such as plants and animals be forbidden?

  • G.Enetically M.Odified O.Rganisme's are a threat to all of mankind

    Not only can patent allow companies to sew anyone who has one of these crops on their land while they get protection and CAN NOT BE SEWED, as well, their crops can easily spread even thru insects, birds, wind, and therefore they are a threat to our agre culture, it can result in them owning the rights of all that is found on the farm, crop or animal, and who knows what else they will try to claim next?? And we will have nothing than G.M.O to eat, they say that atm it is very resistant, but what if we grow those crops worldwide and all harvest DOES fail because we only had one kind of crop everywhere? When all G.M.O plants get sick? What will there be left to eat?
    And anyway, plants and animals are not made by human hands, so even when someone alters nature, no one should ever be allowed to patent a plant completely such as what has already happened with broccoli! There are about 5 or 6 G.M.O companies that should be forbidden by law, and forced to compensate for the damage they already inflicted upon farmers.
    And if we won't see fit to do so, I fear that food prices will also turn into a play ball in the hands of patent sharks.

  • Patents over genes and living things are a terrible idea.

    Basically, it allows one company to control all use of something that exists in nature and that anyone could have found and put to use. They didn't build that, therefore they shouldn't have a right to control use of it. This is the ultimate abuse of nature and should be forbidden.

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