• Patent Trolling Needs to Be Illegal

    Patent trolling allows individuals and companies to make patents on various items before assailing anyone that comes close to that patent. Therefore, the patent owners can simple search through patents and sue people that use any design close to theirs. Without a doubt, this practice needs to be made illegal in its current form.

  • Yes, it is ruining YouTube.

    Yes, patent trolling should be made illegal, because it is only a way for one group to harass other people into allowing them to monetize their content. Most of the patent claims on YouTube and other content websites are not legitimate. Rather, they make fraudulent claims in an attempt to make money off of someone's band concert, or other nonsense.

  • it is extortion

    It is ridiculous that someone, or some company, can patent an extremely large and open term then sue others for patent infringement. It is a travesty of justice. They need to be sued for frivelous lawsuits and defamation of character. How can you call it patent infringement if your patent has such a wide, open net that you could sue virtually anyone using the internet?

  • Patent trolling should be made illegal.

    Patent trolling should be made illegal. Patent trolling is a person or company who enforces patent rights against accused infringers in an attempt to collect licensing fees, but does not manufacture products or supply services based upon the patents in question, thus engaging in economic rent-seeking. This should be made illegal.

  • Hard to do without stepping on legitimate claims.

    I have a big problem with patent trolling, having once worked for a company that had to go out of business when lawyers under the employment of such a troll descended upon them (of course, the owner was also an idiot, but whatever). But I have a big problem with patent troll laws as well, because anyone who gets sued could simply cry that they were the victim of a patent troll.

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