Should patents be granted to drugs to protect against generics?

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  • Overhaul intellectual property rights, Create and enforce "Shall-sell" Laws

    Some privileges to people who invent things is good and helps promote innovation. However, giving them absolute monopolistic control can be more negative on the whole than positive. Limited rights are the answer.

    The government should take upon itself the power to make and enforce "shall-sell" laws that if someone offers enough money, substantially above fair market value but still at some level of money, then the holder of the patent must grant use rights. This way people and companies who invent things like new drugs will still profit off of their discovery, but without being able to jack prices up to the extent that they have because competition will be allowed, albeit not on a level playing field. This would also be useful if competitors had ideas for improvements, then those innovations could go through faster than if they hadn't been able to buy production rights.

  • They should not grant patents to drugs.

    People should be able to choose whether they would like to purchase name brand drugs or generic ones. Low income families who are already drowning in debt would be much worse off if they couldn't choose to get generic drugs. I personally could not afford my medications I currently take if I had to legally purchase only name brand drugs. They are much too expensive.

  • No, they shouldn't!

    The only difference between a generic drug and a brand name is the brand name costs more. I have taken both generic and brand name drugs and they work the same. Most insurance plans will not pay for brand name drugs if there is a generic drug available. I believe that if the cost of medication went down, it would be great for the common person to be able to afford better medication.

  • No, they should not

    People should have the option of buying cheaper drugs if they feel that they do not want to spend the money for a name brand. The competition also increases the quality of the name brand because they want to stay superior to a generic brand. Also, the generics are not exactly the same either.

  • No, patents should not be granted to brand named drugs.

    There are people who can not afford the brand names and so they are unable to get their medication. I pay over $600 for one of my medications, and they don't have it in generic form. If I could pay just a portion of that, I would save so much money a month. If they patent the drugs, a lot of people would suffer.

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