• To Prevent Accidental Incest

    There have been times when adopted children separated at birth met each other, got married, and had children, and only later found out they were brother and sister. A paternity test would prevent that from happening. Requiring a paternity test would help prevent this sort of error from even occuring.

  • No Paternity Test Should not be required when a child is adopted.

    I do not believe a child should have a paternity test done before adoption. There are many options available for the parents to maintain contact with an adopted baby. A paternity test would likely fall into a category of cost for the state or townships and counties, etc. I do not believe this would solve anything and only create more problems.

  • No, it should not be required.

    A paternity test should not be required when adopting a child, these are not the parents of the child anyways. It would be pointless to test if they're the parents if they did not conceive said child in the first place. A child and new parents should not have this kind of stress added.

  • Could Cause Problems

    I do not believe paternity testing should be required when a child is adopted. There are, unfortunately, many cases where a woman does not know who the father of a child is because she has had multiple partners. When this is the case required paternity testing could turn into a nightmare and not serve the better interest of the child.

  • No adoption paternity test

    This is one of the very good things in the world that needs to be left alone. What should be improved is the homes from where these adopted children come. They are horrible. Have you ever seen a group home? If people want to adopt a child, don't start putting them through more fire than need be.

  • Not there kid

    No, it should not be required, because when someone is going to adopt a child, most likely it is not their child. Also it is a really long process to get a child through adoption, so if the parent can get through that, then they deserve to have their child back.

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