• He should run

    Trump vs. Hillary...Our country is on the brink of absolute stupidity. What a train wreck this will be. So it's Paul Ryan or two wacko nut jobs? Is that the question? Or is it Paul Ryan in a normal election year? Nothing normal about this so that can't be it.

  • Cocaine is awesome

    Paul Ryan should be president due to his love of cocaine. Cocaine is so good for your health and should be used on a daily. I love Cocaine so much it should get its own national holiday. If cocaine had its own national holiday I would be a very patriotic american. :)

  • Dignity and Class.

    First, stand up to Trump over this "I'll fight your chairmanship of the convention" nonsense. Standing up to this attempt to destroy the Republican Party could be an "audition" for the job. Everyone is longing for a candidate with courage and principle. Ryan united the House leaders, maybe he can unite the disparate elements of the Party. Can't someone stand firm and say something is greater than money and trashy name calling? How about just saying "no" to an obvious bully? Cheers would go up around the country! Truth is, Trump is not skilled enough to engineer a rules committee fight. Also, in the event of a loss for Ryan on this issue, it would only make him look better, not weak. Win or lose, standing firm makes him look like he has guts. You know, worthy of being a president?

  • Paul Ryan should be the republican nominee!

    He's the best chance to get the republicans out of the crazy mess that they're in now. He would be the republican to beat either democratic nominee in the general election. If you're a republican then you need Paul Ryan to save our country from a destructive future. I'd back him and he has A LOT of other supporters. Save the U.S Paul Ryan!!

  • Best candidate to compete with Hillary. And he is a genuinely good guy

    Most of all.. He could win. He is likable. He could beat Hillary. He is a genuine guy. He is good looking and Americans like good looking candidates. He had a conscious and he cares about the country more than himself. He doesn't seem calculating and personally ambitious. He is a humble leader who listens and learns before taking action. He is a good guy. We need him.

  • Young fresh economy needs it

    I am from the UK will say that the thought of H. Clinton in the white house fills me with dread she is a liberal nightmare and part of a type of politics that is killing the western world and making the US a laughing stock sorry but its true no one takes you seriously any more specially the ones that need to, also the democrats are killing your economy and your national Identity well trying to!! But to cut a long story short Ryan is everything Clinton is not young dynamic fit ruthless when needs be a patriot in the real sense also I think with Clinton its more about her and a crowning achievement in a life time of politics than America, with Ryan its about his country and the future! Have allot more to say but this is just a general opinion from a outsider.

  • We need you paul ryan!!!!

    The United States of America needs a hero like Ryan. Please run for President in 2016!! Show Obama how's it done. I know you can clean his mess up and get us back to where we should be. We need someone who cares about the people. Obama is the worst president in history!

  • Need fiscal responsibilty

    He is our best chance at correcting the 17 trillion dollar debt. He understands that it takes pain and being unpopular at the beginning to help us all benefit at the end. He also works well with all political parties even when they bash him with childlike ads and lies. He is a strong American with values. How can that not be good and exactly what we need?

  • I think SO!

    I have to say watching him and Romney back in 2012 had touched me. I felt like he would be an honest man. And would work hard to find a happy ground for everyone to agree. I think he is wise with money and budgeting and will bring us back some jobs and and some hope back to our country.

  • Yes, I sure hope he does

    Paul Ryan is a man of courage, conviction, moral values, and substance. He would bring back respect for the office of presidency. With his leadership, our country would move toward less unemployment, fiscal responsibility, preservation of Medicare, a better retirement plan, and remove the fraud and waste of this administration. I sure hope he will be our next president.

  • I don't think he can win his state-or the election-he couldn't deliver Wisconsin to Romney

    He was not a good VP choice for Romney. He only made issues worst for Romney and the media created the notion that Ryan was a dry, mean-spirited and too tough politician. He may not win Wisconsin, just like he couldn't deliver the state to Mitt Romney. He would be be characterized as a meanie.

  • Immature and insensitive regarding military retirement pensions.

    Ryan co-authored the plan to reduce retired (but so-called working age) military pensions; possibly worse thing he could have done to earn and keep the military vote. Simply egregious to penalize retired veterans. After 20 plus years of service, they have certainly paid enough. Maybe if Ryan served in the U.S. military for a minimum of 20 years he could understand that too. He needs to publicly apologize to all retired veterans and to re-earn their trust and support.

  • He'll Never win.

    Paul Ryan could never win a General Election let alone the Primaries. He's too-bland and not a good speaker that people can get behind. The democrats would love to run against him in 2016 because they know he would be VERY easy to defeat plus he already lost the Bid for VP and to be honest... He was a HORRIBLE VP candidate.

  • No, absolutely not - never!

    Paul Ryan is the epitome of the privileged, cruel upper class of society... white, born rich, heteronormative and sexist in his statements and political stances. If he's as pro-life as it gets, then he's the last person I want to be our president. He wants abortions criminalized and has voted against welfare. He's an enemy of all marginalized groups.

  • Nah.

    The Republican party is in shambles and needs a complete reform. Paul Ryan is just more of the same, old money, white, and ignorant to the ways of the world. Without a fresh new candidate who bursts the walls of traditional republicanism, the presidency will remain with the democrats for ages to come.

  • He Would Be Wasting His Time

    Paul Ryan should not run for President in 2016. He would be wasting his time and ours. I just do not see him being a candidate that people can get behind. The Republican Party is a mess right now and he is not the candidate that they need to set things straight.

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