Should Paul Walker's death be used as an example for teens to obey the speed limit?

  • Paul was a Role Model

    As Charles Barkley was constantly reminded, you do not always get to choose if you are a role-model. Paul was a role model and was admired by many. When stars do inappropriate or dangerous behaviors, they are often mimicked by followers. In this case I think that it is a way to honor Mr. Walker's legacy by showing that even the stars are not invincible. If using this as an example of why you should not speed has the ability to influence behaviors and save future injuries and/or deaths, I think that it should be used.

  • Yes, an idol to young adults was killed in a vehicle driving recklessly.

    Paul Walker was a role model for teenagers. His death, while tragic, was still the act of driving recklessly above the speed limit. He may have only been a passenger, but he still had the ability to tell his friend to slow down. Teenagers need to know that driving fast isn't cool and that they always have the option to tell a friend to slow down or to get out of the car. Their life is worth it. His death needs to be a pressing example for them.

  • Yes - A sad example, but relevant all the same.

    Yes, unfortunately it sometimes takes a tragic event, such as the death of Paul Walker, for society in general to take a step back, and look at their behaviour. The fact is that if it can happen to one person, it can happen to anyone. Hopefully teenagers will see this, and change their behaviour appropriately. In the same way that actors and singers are blamed for influencing drugs and alcohol use, perhaps this time the message will be a more positive one.

  • Paul Walker's death should be used as an example for teens to obey the speed limit.

    People should use the example of Paul Walker's death as a warning about the dangers of speeding. If teens are cautious, they can prevent countless accidents in the future. People should be careful even if they are in a hurry. There is no reason to go as fast as Walker was going.

  • If one day the speed kills me. Do not cry because I was smiling.

    While speeding may be dangerous this moment should not be used as an example of reckless speeding. The man driving was a professional and should be treated accordingly. They died doing what they believed in and should be honored as such. While young teens often act reckless I believe they should be, if they so feel the need, encouraged to do as they wish as long as it is in a controlled environment.

  • He wasn't even driving.

    Paul Walker's death was a huge tragedy, but he wasn't the one driving. It's not Paul walker's fault that his friend was buzz driving and lied to him that night. Paul Walker was a good driving and they should not bash on him for something he wasn't even doing. Paul Walker was intoxicated that night and made the right decision to let someone drive him home. He should still be looked up to and held high. Using this as a example would simply hurt his reputation and is nothing more then a lie.

  • No, people will always speed on the road

    While Paul Walker's death was a tragedy, obeying the speed limit is a law that a vast majority of citizens break. Yes, there are extremes that people should not be going at, but going a bit past the speed limit isn't a major cause for alarm. Reckless speeding kills, and it always will.

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