Should Paula Deen have lost her TV show over comments she made years ago?

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  • She should not

    Let's forget the fact that she said it years ago, or what the circumstances were, or any of that.
    Do you know how many times I've heard the N word used in a rap song (and I don't listen to rap, imagine how many times I'd hear it if I did) Do you ever hear any of them getting any kind of trouble for it? No.

  • Paula Deen Told the Truth

    Paula Deen should not have lost her television show over her comments because she told the truth regarding another matter that had nothing to do with her television empire. The lawsuit against her was thrown out, but only after she lost her standing with Food Network. Shock jock Don Imus still has his radio show after he *personally* made racist comments, so why is there hypocrisy regarding Paula Deen? How come "Duck Dynasty" is still on the air after Phil Robertson's anti-gay and anti-black comments he made in an interview? The United States is fully of hypocrites who are too politically correct to realize the difference between right and wrong. If Deen lost her television show, both Imus and Robertson should lose their media empires as well. You can't have it both ways and expect people to trust you. Deen got screwed, plain and simple.

  • No, Paula Deen was unfairly treated.

    Paula Deen potentially made some racist comments, but even she wasn't sure. She thought she probably had, years ago. People were immediately enraged with her, and rightly so, as no one should be allowed to make racist comments. People who live in the South, however, came to her defense, because this was common when she was younger, and they felt people in Northern States just don't understand the history of the South. It seemed people were actually upset with her about her diabetes cover-up, and that perhaps this was a carryover from that. That being said, she definitely should have been punished in some way, but she did not need to lose her show.

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