• It would be profitable.

    Yes, PBS should be privatized to save taxpayer money, because the federal government spends a lot of money on PBS. There are programs on PBS that would be viable on their own. Sesame Street is a good example. The taxpayers do not need to be subsidizing a program that could stand on its own.

  • PBS Needs To Competitive

    I believe that PBS should be privatized to save taxpayers money. While I believe PBS does some wonderful work, especially with some of their documentaries and shows like Sesame Street, on the average they do not compete with regular stations, which means they spend money making a lot of sub-par shows. I believe PBS needs to be more competitive and I feel as though the only way to do that, is to make them foot the bills.

  • Do not take the "public" out of Public Broadcasting.

    PBS provides high quality programming for children and adults. Science programs like Nova inspired my children when they grew out of Sesame Street and Biz Kids. BBC News and The News Hour are top quality journalism. PBS brought some sophistication into our rural home and it should be available for the next generation.

  • No,PBSshould not be privatized.

    No,PBS should not be privatized to save taxpayer money.A civilized society needs to take certain responsibility to remain to be called civilized.One of these responsibilities is a certain obligation to support the arts.This needs to be done as a society as a whole,not just large corporations that may not really support the arts.

  • PBS should never be privatized.

    Nope. It's called the Public Broadcastng System for a reason. We need to have a source of freely available television not beholden to cable, satellite or corporate interests, that can deliver a combination of programming of artistic and educational merit. PBS is how we do it, and there's no reason to yank its government subsidy.

  • Privitzation leads to issues

    Privitizing PBS is not a good idea. If you privitize it we are giving control to someone else who will be able to decide what is shown and what is advertised. We spend a lot of tax money wastefully but on PBS that is not a waste and it should be publically funded.

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