• Yes indeed we need Phys Ed!

    I myself have done some research and and students that do daily Phys Ed are more focused and efficient in their studies. They are also less likely to attempt suicide,get pregnant, take drugs and other dangerous acts! Many people are dawning on it and are issuing that their be daily Phys Ed. Students stamina and strength also increase. So stop saying no to a new and better law

  • Yes we should have more P.E in school

    It is very important for kids to have P.E. Most people agree most people have said yes to more P.E. More kids will get a scholarship trough a sport. I would rather get in shape then be fat. It is so important so though 11 percent should say yes. YEAH

  • Yes, physical education should be mandatory.

    I believe that physical education should be mandatory. One reason is because there is a childhood obesity epidemic. Making PE mandatory will help reduce this weighty problem. Also, kids feel much better after PE. It gives them a chance to burn off some energy. They would not do very well on their school work if they didn't have PE.

  • I think that PE should be mandatory for all students in public school.

    I think that PE should be mandatory for all students in
    public school. The obesity problem in
    America is a serious problem that must be dealt with. One way to deal with it is to teach children
    to eat right and exercise from a very young age so that they can start to form
    good habits early.

  • Yes, PE should be mandatory.

    Physical Education is something that we all should learn to adopt in our lifestyles at an early age. This is why it is essential to keep Physical Education inside of school programs and activities. If we were to eliminate it, then it would be extremely detrimental to the educational system.

  • Yes, phys ed should be required for students.

    It used to be that kids, in their spare time, would go outdoors and play a lot, doing physical exercise. Nowadays, kids aren't getting much exercise, because they play video games and watch television instead. Physical education gives them about an hour a day, on weekdays, of exercise that they wouldn't otherwise get. As a nation, we're having an obesity epidemic, even in young children, so PE is necessary.

  • Yes it should

    A physical education is very important for all students. Students need to understand how to move their bodies as well as how to eat for a good future. I don't think that they should only have an academic education, but a physical one as well. It will help build good habits.

  • I think PE is good.

    I think PE is good for helping children know how to exercise and to encourage them to be active and work out more. Children are much more sedentary in general than they used to be. It seems that PE is more important now than at any other time in history.

  • Yes, PE should be mandatory.

    Physical Education should be mandatory because it fosters healthy habits to children. America is full of obese children with no work ethic. Physical Education can at least burn some of the calories that these kids are consuming. It may also encourage them to chance their eating habits and become more fit.

  • Physical Activity Reduces Stress

    Physical education should be mandatory in schools because physical activity reduces stress and improves the overall lives of pupils. Additionally, hormonal teenagers should probably have some kind of way to vent their angst by participating in physical activity on a daily basis in school. Perhaps school violence will be reduced if phys ed is required.

  • Nothing at all

    All they make us do is go around in circles for a few minutes. Than most of everyone hides in the bathroom. Also at the beginning of the class you can skip it, until after you get dressed. It is just a useless class that makes your brain have a rest.

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  • PE shouldn't be mandatory

    It's not the child's duty to make them selves more healthy. It's the parents.The parents need to learn when to say No to fast foods
    or when to get their child up and moving .Nauturally if the child doesn't see their parents getting exercise then they won't get up and execise.

  • It should not be mandatory

    Physical Education can with advance educational classes like Avid if a student was required to take gym but was recommended into an advanced class but couldn't because of gym class being a requirement class. Also its the parents fault for letting their kids become lazy and eat fatty food. That's all I got to say

  • No it should not

    For one thing not everyone's body is able to stand pressure. Second, there is great bullying involved. And there are health risks to people how have Asama. Studies show that academics drop, and you can have injures. And to people how are underweight they have great rises to death!!! Thank you

  • No. PE should not be mandatory.

    P.E. For me, is a tiring period at school, in which we swim, run, etc... In the middle of the school day. It is very tiring, especially if I have a test or quiz right after. I can't focus on my work if I run out of energy from doing useless activities. P.E. Stands for physical education. However, in P.E., I don't learn how to play sports, eat healthy, stay fit, or etc... My coaches expect us to know how to swim, run fast, play sports, and work as a team, even before they "teach" us. P.E. Is dreadful for many students. In the future, we won't want to excercise because the taunting memories of P.E. Will prevent us.

  • It should not be mandatory

    I don't think it should be mandatory because the whole point of school is to give you an academic education. Also(at least from my experiences) PE teachers act like it is the most important part of the school day and are really crappy. All they ever do is play favorites with the "cool kids"

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