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    I think we should have pe everyday cuz it's good for you. This is how I feel it's my opinion and you maybe you have a different opinion then I do. You don't have to have the same opinion that I do cuz it's just how you feel maby you have the same opinion that he or I do. Do not copy this

  • It is very important

    Good health and fitness is one of the biggest keys to a successful life.

    Being physically active and using different types of body movements also helps with thinking ability learning ability and memory which will improve their school grades.

    There should be a basic requirement that all students should be expected to reach. It does not have to be that high.

  • Some people already have other physical activities

    When somebody has to have an hour and a half gym class and then go eat lunch and then go outside to spin a flag around in the hot hot sun for 45 minutes, they tend to get a little unfocused and stressed. They also possibly pass out, due to too much physical exertion.

  • Mandatory PE emphasizes the importance of physical activities, but it needs a student initiative

    The most obvious aspect of the matter is that some people can be diminishingly skilled in the area of physical activities. No student should have further education postponed or measured competence assumed less in accordance with the students' conforming to partake in activities on some arbitrary kind of measure like attendance, final performance or assumed development.

    If PE is not taught in a way that the students enjoy, it might cause momentary physical development, but cause the current students to get a negative experience of doing physical activities.

    Issues in the form of PE must be addressed before definitively deciding the characteristics of mandatory PE.

  • Physical Ability is not necessary in today's modern world.

    Unless one wants to join a sports team or pursue a sport scholarship, PE shouldn't be mandatory to graduate. However, it is of utmost importance for schools to keep their students at peak or near peak physical fitness, for the world of the future needs the children to grow into healthy, fit adults to perform tasks easier and to aid their community. Physical wellness can contribute to mental wellness as well, for when one exercises and practices, they accumulate better concentration and perception. These are key skills for any future job. PE shouldn't be mandatory to graduate, for the body isn't what keeps the mind going, it's the preparation of the brain and practice of studying that do.

  • Sometimes you just can't lift your own weight.

    Graduating gym generally involves a person to go to extremes. Some people are incapable of going to these extremes. I had a coach who made me go to muscle failure to make me stronger. Every night I could barely lift a muscle. PE isn't a fun class for me. I have weak lungs which have developed over a year or so, and I was very active before then. What's the necceessity for punishing kids who can't do a push up? Sure, it encourages a healthy lifestyle, but as soon as I left PE I went back to my old self.

  • It should not be mandatory.

    I believe that it shouldn't be mandatory for kids to take a gym class in order for them to graduate. There are kids out there that don't enjoy playing sports or being physical. They want to focus on school rather than being forced to take a class they don't need to get into college or wouldn't need later in life. These people are looking forward to a future. Requiring a PE class to graduate is just taking an hour out of learning everyday for doing pointless things like learning how to throw and catch a ball, play floor hockey, etc. Don't get me wrong there are people who love working out and love having gym classes, im not saying having a gym glass as a option is a bad thing, but why should it be required for the people who don't want to learn about working out, or learning about a sport. Why not let them choose what they want to do. Is one hour of PE every day for a semester or term really going to change a kids life? I know many kids who don't even try in gym, and dread going to it everyday. We shouldn’t require them to have gym credits let them take the classes they are interested in rather than forcing them to do something they don't like doing. PE can also just embarrass somebody. Say if a kid who cant run as fast as the other kids, or cant shoot a basketball or catch a ball. It can just embarrass him and he could lose his self esteem. Let the jarheads have their fun. But make it optional. Make it so that students can choose between PE or a helpful class like biology or social studies or even art. Believe it or not, there are more important things than sports.

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