• Peaceful protest should not be criminalized

    Peaceful protest that does not end in obstruction of property or violence should be legal in every case, even if it uses hate speech, UNLESS any speech or gestures in the protest potentially puts people in danger or creates non-satirical fighting words - exceptions to free speech that have been outlined in precedents made by the Supreme Court of the United States.
    Outlawing peaceful protest is an attack on our right to speak freely without interference of the law.

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  • It is a way to express opinion without hurting someone, which is legal

    Peaceful protest is just that: peaceful. If people do not agree with something, then they peacefully protest. This lets the leader know what needs to change according to the people. Peaceful protest is also protected by freedom of speech. As long as no one is hurt, then it is legal.

  • Protests are an important form of expression.

    Protests are a way for people to make their voices heard, not only by those in power, but also by the rest of the world. Throughout history, protesters have successfully enacted change when hope was lost. Although most protests in the past were violent, we do see peaceful protests nowadays. There's no way the act of peaceful people voicing their views should be criminalized.

  • No, they should not be criminalized.

    Peaceful protests should not be criminalized. The United States constitution gives Americans the right to peacefully assemble. However, protests that turn violent or encourage violent behavior should be criminalized. Rioters should be arrested and prosecuted for their crimes. Also, peaceful protests should not shut down streets and interfere with commerce.

  • It is free speech.

    The United States was founded based on the ability to stand up against the king. It should be okay to state your opinion without worrying about what someone in power might do to retaliate. It's a good way for people to feel that they're involved in the political process because they can be heard.

  • Not when they are peaceful

    Peaceful protest is protected by the Constitution. So long as people do continue to protest in peaceful ways. When the protests turn non-peaceful, that is when we have a problem. When people go out and harm other people and property, when they quit acting in peaceful ways, that is when they need to be arrested.

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Arget says2017-01-19T23:51:48.983
This way the locals can put them down and kill them so the fbi doesn't have to. We are well on our way of stripping rights from the serfs.