Should peanut butter & jelly sandwiches have peanut butter on both sides (YES) or just one side (NO) ?

Asked by: gamertooth17
  • On both sides!

    Peanut butter on both sides gives the sandwich a fuller taste, and it feels you up more. Peanut butter is healthy, so why not? It has lots of protein, fiber, good fat, and it has lots of nutritions.

    Unless you don't like peanut butter, why not put it on both sides?

  • As someone allergic to peanut butter.

    At the age of 21 I became allergic to peanut butter, after many years of enjoying the delicious substance on my bread. Now that I am allergic, I feel as though anytime someone eats peanut butter, it is a solemn reminder that I am forbidden to partake in consuming the heavenly substance. For these reasons, I believe peanut butter should be removed from production and placed in 3 mason jars in the worlds most prestigious museums. That way, everyone is a miserable as me as a result of peanut butter deficiency.

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