It costs tax payers £400 per week to keep 1 pedophile alive? Why not use them as crash test dummys, we would have safer cars and be able to watch them splatter all over the place as this is all they deserve! Think about the children and not them you fools.

  • Yes

    I won't lie I have thought of really doing it, hunting them down to terrorize them. To make them suffer how that child or woman suffered. I have educated myself on torture methods and interrogation methods, I'm not evil in my heart or have a twisted mind, I just feel justice should be brought upon those who terrorize the innocent. Call me crazy I don't care but I have a warrior mentality there is no honor in hurting someone who can't fight back.

  • Yes they should be killed

    I am a 17 year old boy and thinking about rape makes me feel so sick that I can't think straight. The only thing that makes me feel better is imagining torturing and killing one of those horrible people. Rape is a form of torture and rapists are all torturers. It is the most disgusting thing that you can do, forcing a woman to have intercourse or taking advantage of children. Torture is against the Geneva Convention but the killing of people who have thrown away their humanity in these ways should be allowed, unless the offender was convicted when they were likely falsely accused. After all, if an animal attacked a person, it would be put down. Rapists and pedophiles are animals not people; they gave up being human when they raped an innocent.

  • I have been raped

    I have been raped two times in my life and I am 23. Both was because I am a kind and trusting person, which they took advantage of. I am a girl and in this world we are seen as sex toys and not as human beings by these people and we dont have the law on our side to try to prevent them violating us and the rape hurts us for years. I wish there was a better solution than killing them, but to weigh up the pain that throbs in my heart there would be nothing more fitting than death or lifelong prison for ALL of the violators without any hesitation. The world must know that this is not okay or this will go on forever. This should be thought of as just a hard crime as killing. I have suffered while they just laughed in my face afterward.

  • They shouldn't get away with it

    I live in Argentina, and I see with horror how the violence increases day by day. There is no respect for policemen, criminals are not afraid of being caught anymore. Because when they do, they find their way out of jail very easily.
    Rapists and pedophiles are the worst kind of criminals. The person attacked by them can no longer live a normal life. I've only been assaulted once, with no violence at all, the man just took my phone and my money, and I lived in fear for 3 years. I cannot IMAGINE what a physical attack can do to a completely innocent person.
    Moreover, the world population is increasing rapidly, the good people deserve the chance to live in peace. Nowadays, criminals show no remorse at all. I think that we should get rid of them. They don't want to let us live, we should do the same to them.

  • Yes.

    Well, not pedophiles, but serial rapists should be shot.

  • Rapists not paedophiles

    Serial rapists should get the death penalty, Paedophiles should not. Peadophillia is an attraction to pre-pubescent children, though I think such an attraction is wrong, its harmless as long as its not acted upon. Serial rapists are no longer people, they are monsters, animals, and such animals should be killed.

  • Rape is inexcusable

    For the sake of the innocent, I believe in a fair trial. But once guilt is proven rapists should be savagely killed. I dont buy into the idea that they are "sick" or " born that way" they are fully responsible for what tuey do. Rape one of MY daughtees and I will execute you myself.

  • Yes

    Doing things to innocent children is the most immoral action any human could possibly do. People like this should not be put away in prison where they are looked after, fed and clothed. Let them burn, if not give them to the families they destroyed by partaking in such vile acts.

  • Let them hang!!

    I absolutely cannot stand the fact that these BASTARDS, these ANIMALS, can walk away from their heinous crimes so easily thanks to our worthless justice system and bands of loons who say that they somehow deserve 'human rights'! HUMAN RIGHTS? WHAT human rights, the ones they robbed from their victims, who will forever suffer from the mental and physical wounds inflicted upon them? Or how about children who deserved the happy, wonderful, innocent life bestowed upon them before teen-hood? There is absolutely no excuse for these low-life scumbags. LET THEM HANG!

  • Are you serious?

    Killing a pedophile would make the executioner a murderer, for pedophilia in and of itself is not a crime nor in my opinion a mental disorder, as I do not believe in sexual deviance.

    Pedophilia is no different from being gay, people hate it because of the media spreading false assumptions about the orientation.

    Not all pedos are child molesters nor will all pedos be in danger of becoming one, and even molesters do not deserve to be killed for their crimes.

    Not long ago, black people were considered sub-human, but that too was a fallacy.

    Too many laws are being corruptly founded these days, like the ban of art that features ficticious hardcore depictions of children. Would you immediately go rape the nearest woman if you viewed pornography? I doubt it. So why would a pedophile go do that to a kid?

    The answer is that most dont, and the ones who do have other pre-existing mental issues and other problems outside their sex life that are the true cause. Nobody who isnt already at least partially insane from something else actually gets any enjoyment from assaulting others.

    Killing these people and claiming to be an ally of justice is also rather hypocritical if it were to be done.

    If we focused our attention on stopping the criminals who rape children and ignored people who merely are attracted to them we might actually make some progress.

    We also need to learn to respect the fact that children have their own opinions and can be taught to not be so easily manipulated if we just make the effort to learn the proper method of doing so.

    Children are often wiser than adults even if not yet as full of knowledge, thus if we teach them properly, all they'll need us for is supporting muscle in terms of self-defense. Even then teaching them martial arts help keep that at a minimum.

    I think a legal type of relationship between non-rapist pedos and children might be possible someday if we can get past the stereotypes even though I know the sexual kind is probably a stretch.

    I dont really care though as I myself am not into this whole "have a relationship with any living being other than yourself" type of deal. I'm satisfied with narcissism.

    I am however deeply depressed and still somewhat in shock at how low humanity has stooped in their infighting, next thing you know people will be declared inhuman and not worthy of living just because they like to eat a different kind of food or dislike a certain hobby that everyone else deems "sacred".

    Anyhow, people should know that killing someone makes you no better than they are. I'm not saying youre not entitled to defend yourself if someone attacks you, but starting a witch hunt is far worse a crime against morality than the rape of children.

    Yes the ones who did hurt children need punishment but tossing them into a psych ward or prison and leaving them live with what theyve done is enough, especially since there is the inherent risk that an inmate might maim or kill them or that they may commit suicide despite the security staff's "efforts".

    Really, theres so much they suffer through its only fair that we improve the conditions they live through, theres punishment and then theres going full Hitler which is way over the top.

  • They are mentally disturbed from birth.

    What pedophiles and serial rapists have in common is that they're both born with a fetish. One is attracted to innocent children while the other rapes innocent victims. Clearly both cannot help it, that is why it is considered a sickness. Our North American norm says that having sex with children is bad, but in some other countries it is considered fine. Who is right? No one is. There is no right. Since we live in North America, our norm says it isn't right so they should be taken to a mental institution or jail for pedophiles and serial rapists, since they would die in a regular jail. They don't deserve to die for something they can't help. Might as well go kill your mentally challenged kid too.

  • It is time we try to understand this issue rather then just judge these people.

    If you think you know someone, think again. Your son, your father, your brother could be the next pedophile to get arrested especially with how widespread child pornography has become in the internet age. The internet is just helping to create future pedophiles. This is a growing problem, and unless we are willing to try to really understand the causes and reality of it, we don't really care about finding answers that someday might fix it. I do believe that just as men fantasize about having adult affairs, pedophiles fantasize about having affairs with children. To say all married men that fantasize about having an affair will act on it, is like saying that any man who fantasizes about children will act on it. Maybe we should put every man on a polygraph machine and ask the questions....Then we might find out that the problem is of epidemic proportions. Such a finding may actually make us look at this differently. This is a sickness, that is for certain, but until it strikes you close to home, I would think really carefully about passing judgement.

  • Death is an escape for them

    I am saying no to killing not because I pity those scams but I believe death is just a quick escape for them. Life in prison with no chance of parole is a more suitable punishment, they will have their whole life to think about what they have done and pay for it. 23hrs everyday for the rest of your life in a room the size of a cubical with minimum lighting in that room. That for them in my opinion is a more fitting punishment

  • As a person who knows a pedophile

    Speaking for a friend who opened up to me a few years ago, crying saying he was a pedophile he showed me not every pedophile are rapists or evil, that some actually feel guilt for their feelings, he would never hurt a child and tries to keep his distance from kids, he is a lovely individual who fights everyday with his guilt, but not his pleasures. I talk to him several times a week, hearing only how he fears that he might actually one day act out on his desires, though i do not fear for him, because i know he is a harmless soul and a loving man who fights off painful guilt everyday, it is not because he chose to be a pedophile, it is something that has been implimented in him due to lack of love and only beeing able to find love from younger kids in his early life. I deny to see him be punished.

    BUT i do find myself having mixed feelings about this, serial rapists should be punished with life, but i would never give them a capital offense since it is not the answer, it will not give closure to the raped more than knowing he is stuck, rotting up somewhere and never able to hurt anyone again.

    Pedophiles who doesn't act off their desires exist, they are loving people and there are more of them than you might know, you might even know one who keeps his/her secret hidden while feeling incredible painful guilt.

    Pedophiliac rapists and serial rapists should be punished with life, but i would not kill them.

  • They have a mental condition which they are born with.. They should be treated for their disease. not disposed of like animal breeders..

    If they haven't killed anyone then they don' t deserve to be killed either. One of God's commaandments says thou shall not kill. Our Ex President Bush who bombed and killed innocent people in Iraq along with his viee president Cheney deserve the death penalty for what they did to Iraq and the laws of war they broe weren't even prossecuted there are too many double standards in this country for they wealthy and power hungry.

  • Pedophiles and rapists should be punished, but capital punishment should be reserved for murderers.

    I strongly believe that rapists and pedophiles deserve to be punished harshly for their crimes. I also know that the rehabilitation of serial sex offenders is extremely difficult. But, I do not believe that capital punishment is appropriate for sex crimes, unless there has been murder involved. Capital punishment should be reserved for cold-blooded killers.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • Too Much of A Risk

    What if someone was falsely convicted of child molestation or rape?
    They should get life in prison without parole.

  • No, what would keep them from killing the victim?

    If you make crimes like rape punishable by death, what would prevent the offender from killing the victim? He already knows he is going to die so he would have no restraint. Making rape sentences of 15 years would make following murder an additional sentence of life in prison, preventing the ladder. "Rational Choice Theory."

  • No.

    1. Too many people are wrongly convicted.
    2. The motive of death penalty is revenge, not punishment and therefore unjust.
    3. Putting them away for life w/o parole in maximum security prison is already an effective way to prevent repeat of crime. The cost of putting someone away should never be a reason to justify killing someone. If that's the case, we should execute everyone who receives life sentence.

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Anonymous says2013-05-06T01:23:41.680
I have been raped but i dont think about it much. It wast a big deal to me. Maybe some people got it worse i wast hurt in mine not that bad
dobeetz says2013-05-10T17:13:12.173
You are doing the right thing by not letting it af effect your whole life. Some so called experts believe it should be made a big deal of so lawyers and mental health people can make money teating you and harping on it fr the rest of your life.Just let it go. I heard a woman say the worst thing that could happen to hr was to be molested or raped. I asked so you would rather be robbed of all you own ,killed or mutilated. She didn't answer the question. Leave it alone don't broadcast it to the world. There are worse things that happen to people and they et over it.
Anonymous says2013-07-11T21:20:45.393
Put them all together on one cell without food and water...Let them rape each other. Then in wish to go back to prison castrate them.
Anonymous says2013-09-14T16:51:02.060
Kill? No....... Let them freaking suffer first