• Yes, they should.

    Pedophiles should be castrated. It fits the crime and can help prevent them from doing more harm. On top of being castrated they should be sentenced to jail while also having to take therapy lessons and rehabilitation. Most pedophiles are not right in the head so it is important to also help their mind.

  • All sex offenders should be castrated.

    It's a vile act against any person who harms another in such a way, Especially with children. They should not be afforded a slap on the wrist for such a heinous crime. They destroy lives forever. Why in the world would any judge decide it's ok to not make these villains any opportunity to continue after a "minimum" jail time. It's ruthless and callous to allow these type of criminals to be allowed nothing less than castrated.

  • It's an ounce of prevention vs a pound of regret.

    If pedophilia is a sexual orientation, and a sexual orientation cannot be 'cured', then it is best to castrate them so they cannot act out on their urges, as all of those urges are destructive to themselves and others. Pedophiles struggling with those feelings would be much benefited by not having to feel those urges anymore.

  • So its okay to rape kids is it

    Whatever of course its not okay and yes they should be castrated. They may not be able to control their thoughts but they can control their actions and their is no excuse for the sexual abuse of children or anyone to be honest its absolutely disgusting behaviour and i hate them

  • Yes, they have to be surgically castrated!

    The sex drive is one of the strongest urges what humans have. Most have that sexual urges in different ways to adults. But the pedophiles have same strong sexual compulsions to children and also want to act that out. For prevent that it's the best solution to castrate them. Remove their testicles and prevent them to follow their sick sexual penetration urges.

  • It helps them to refocus and children be safe

    The paedophilia is incurable and empowering through their use of a sexual tool (and probably, an object of pride, aka a pisser, or whatever they are grown between their two legs). By removing the troubled organ and excitement of "feeling" a tender flesh of children with it and also the dodgy pride of predators should be less stimulating. On contrary, their life and sexual energy can take a turn for the better and moved into a different direction, but still enjoyable, so their human rights are remain unchanged and they could be free, with the exception for castration. A prison does not reform paedophiles or moral duties of other people are never effective punishment for the crimes. They could not force themselves on children anymore and that saves many children, as just one paedophile goes through several children in their lifetime. Paedophiles do not have limits or a remorse for the damage they leave, so this is a small price that works for the majority of parties who are involved.

  • Castrate Se Offenders.

    The agreement you make when you turn 18 is one with society is to act as an adult, or else be responsible for the consequences. As an adult if you have urges that are dangerous to another individual you need to keep these urges in check, or report yourself. If you do neither and instead act upon these urges then you have proven you can't be trusted to act responsibly, and therefore deserve to have your right to manage your urges taken away from you; thus castration. We all make choices. If you choose to harm another person because of your infantile - or pathological - urges and disgusting sense of self-entitlement - then you loose your right to choose.

  • Saying pedophiles should be castrated so they wouldn't rape children is like saying heterosexuals should be castrated so they won't rape the opposite sex.

    A pedophile can't control whether they are a pedophile or not. They simply are due to their sexual attraction. However, they aren't necessarily rapists, even if many are. They don't have some superhuman urge to have sex with young children. They simply have a sexual attraction. Now, if you're asking if child molesters and rapists should be castrated, I say no. The way I see it, you did the crime, you did the time, you're done. Of course, people need to know you went to jail and for what and all, but still.

  • No, They Need To Be Institutionalized

    Pedophiles need to be segregated away from the general population and far, far away from children. No government should ever have the right to castrate anybody. The messy thing about democracy is that even annoying and evil people still have human rights, and those rights need to be protected at all costs.

  • What a disgusting suggestion!

    This is a horrible thing to even consider. I consider pedophilia to be simply a sexual orientation. This is the reason that it is not a crime, but abusing it and taking it out on children is a crime. There are more pedophiles than people think, and it is a few who take their pedophilia and use it to abuse young children who give all of them a bad name. The truth is that, like being homosexual or heterosexual, you cannot choose this orientation, and to castrate them all would be like collectively sending the whole population of the USA to jail because some of them have committed crimes. I rest my case.

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