• Pedophiles have the right to like whoever they so choose

    Being a pedophile myself it can be hard to hold back my undying love for school girls and boys and as I always say "if the age aint on the clock she aint gettin the cock". Also somekids actually enjoy being raped by my 12 inch mandingo. I feel you need to look at the situation more logically and do what the kids want. Theres only one way to find out if you like it or not

  • Pedophiles cannot choose their attraction

    Pedophiles are unable to control their attractions. Therefore, It would be unethical to punish them. Also, While pedophiles are more likely to rape children, Their risk only increases if they are forced to hide. When we attack/ban pedophilia, We force existing pedophiles to stay hidden, Making them unlikely to get help. Without support, Pedophiles are much more likely to act on their desires.

  • Is this seriously happening right now?

    I don't care about your "urges. " I don't care if that 8 year old "likes it" when you do it. Think about that kids parent. Does the parent approve of this? Why can't you just date people your age? Do you get some gratification out of taking advantage of little weak children?

  • Obviously it should be.

    Punishing people for simply having a mental disorder is disgusting, And is no different to the "Thought Crimes" described in George Orwell's novel 1984. The act of child molestation is obviously wrong, But it is a completely different thing than pedophilia, Which is simply the disorder that causes certain people to turn to crime. Making pedophilia illegal would be exactly like imprisoning everyone who has anger issues because there's a chance they could kill someone.

  • Yes, This should be legalised

    Pedophilia is like the fact of being homosexual something that we sudden and something that we can't control. We need to understand a key point concerning morality : Morality doesn't exist, Nietzsche said " there are no moral phenomenon but only moral interpretation of phenomenon". Actually, In a lot of countries pedophilia is legal (or accepted) and this doesn't create any societal problems.

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  • Pedophilia is not the same as raping or molesting.

    Pedophilia, Coming from the Greek word -philos meaning friend of/he who likes. . . Means being attracted to, Or having sexual THOUGHTS about minors. Having thoughts is extremely different from acting upon them. Like some other comments above noted, Pedophilia, Just like homosexuality, Is something you do NOT have control over. Now let's get to examples. If I run into a quite young girl on the street and have sexual thoughts in my head, But keep on walking, Did I harm anyone? I don't think so, It's perfectly fine as long as I keep it in my head. And besides that, Age of consent is only a standard number, Usually 18. That means that if she's 17 and 11 months old, You're a terrible criminal and it's severely punished, But in just one month, It's suddenly perfectly fine. . Doesn't really make sense, Does it?

  • The thought not the act

    You do not choose your attraction but it’s fine to feel that way as long as you do not act opoun it. I am in no way associated with these types of people but they should keep their thoughts to themselves. Pedos mustn’t act oupon their thoughts so the act of Pedophelia should be illegal but not the thought

  • Is This A Joke?

    Do you care about the well being of children at all? Studies show the effects of pedophilia on children. None of them are positive. Pedophilia is not a mental illness. Pedophiles are a threat to children, Which, May I remind you, Are innocent and undeserving of harm. Pedophiles harm children. What more do you need?

  • Actions vs Feelings

    People obviously cannot choose their fetishes, So punishing someone for their feelings is unjust. But if pedos were to act on their urges, Then there's a rel problem. Children's brains aren't developed enough to consent to sex. A man having sex with a young girl, No matter how much she says it's ok, Is still exploitation of the girls mind.

  • Pedophelia is a bad thing

    Let’s look up the definition of pedophelia, Shall we?
    (nouns) having sexual feelings directed towards children.
    Are you serious? They are children! They haven’t matured yet! Pedophelia is bad not just for the person suffering from it, But for the child. This is PTSD enduring! If pedophelia were legal people wouldn’t see it as a problem and child rape statistics will go up significantly. Yeah, Sexual desires are natural. So is anger, But that dosen’t mean you go punching walls every time you’re angry. Plus, It’s immoral!

  • Straight up unethical and messed up

    Alright, Why should children, Who do not have rights to major choices in society, Have this law pushed upon them when they have no ability to give true consent without fully understanding the implications of sexual activity and molestation for the rest of their life. Literally legalizing the scarring of children to be freely open. Children do not have the ABILITY to say no or to stop a rapist/ pedophile because of lack of strength, Or blind trust in adults.

  • Mental Health Problem

    Paedophilia could be classed as a serious and concerning mental health problem that needs to be sorted out by medical professionals. They may not be able to control their tendencies however that doesn't hide the truth, It is illegal and dangerous for children, Making it illegal may urge a decrease in pedophilia rates

  • It just doesn't work, But we should try.

    The attractions pedophiles experience or the thoughts they have are in no way harmful on their own. It's the actions of those people that have negative consequences. Now, Getting rid of those thoughts is hard if not impossible for some, But we should still try, Since it would have a positive effect on society.

  • Ew no that's freaking nasty.

    Who in their right mind would agree that children being raped and assaulted by older men/women should be legal! ? What is wrong with you. You disgust me go crawl back into your hole and die in hell! You evil human being. How would you feel if it was legal for your child to be assaulted

  • It is distustang

    Pedophilia is nasty asf! And if you believe otherwise you deserve to be behind bars point blank periodt. T h a t s h i t i s n a s t y a s f u c k a n d i t s n o t o k a y

  • No no way

    Hell nO this is an actual mental disorder that needs to be cured fuck anyone who says otherwise the people who don't act upon it need to be cured and the people who do need to be crucified and thats that fuck these dudes and fuck anyone whop stands by it

  • This is bad

    OK im 13 i think all of this is very wrong so if someone were to want to legally be married to me a 13 year old girl or boy i would not know what to do i don't know what consent is and that would be wrong to take advantage of a kid like me yall are weird pedos

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