Should Pedophilla be seen as an sexuality or should it stay as a "mental disease? "

Asked by: sonicbro2000
  • Should Pedophilla be seen as an sexuality or should it stay as a "mental disease? "

    Pedophilia is one of the most hated topics and is the most taboo of the subjects. Everyone see pedophilia as an mental disorder and such be treated. And everyone see pedophiles as an child molester and a child rapist. I say that is prejudice and is discriminating against sexual orientation. Homosexuality goes together with pedophilla and should not be mistreated and misjudged.

  • They are obviously sexual tastes.

    A male gets aroused by seeing big boobs while losing arousal by seeing someone else's penis, Then he's probably straight.
    A male gets excited to see a big muscular male body, While he loses arousal to see big tits and a female type body, Then he's probably gay.
    A male becomes aroused by seeing a small human body, While he loses arousal by seeing an adult male or female human body, Then he will likely be a pedophile.
    Sexual tastes can also affect the behavior of the subject: a person can become aroused with a serious, Or cheerful, Or romantic, Or innocent person.
    The more romantic the more you get excited, While for a pedophile the more innocent she is the more aroused he gets.
    They are clearly sexual tastes that are treatable as sexual orientation.
    Should child abuse be made legal? Obviously not, Anyone who thinks this is just crazy, Even if pedophilia were a sexual orientation.
    Saying instead that pedophilia is a "mental disease" means almost nothing because there are various types of mental disease. If it were a DNA-related mental disease then it would be no different from a sexual orientation because it's something that cannot be chosen, That is the point.

  • It is clearly not right.

    Pedophilia is a mental disease. Yes, It isn't their fault that they were born that way but it doesn't make it okay to allow them to be sexual or allow them to interact with children the way they do. They need to seek help or any way to control it.

  • It is a paraphilia, Sexual disorder

    Homosexuality is the attraction to ADULTS of the same sex. Comparing that to kiddy attraction is plain wrong. Sexuality is something empowering and affirming, Can't say the same about kiddy diddlers. All you pedos trying to ride the LGBT train into acceptance, Yeah its time to get off, We will kick you off.

    Here is a speed round for why adult attraction is so different from child attraction: Adults can give consent, Kids cannot. Adults can have a future together, Kids will grow up and the Adult pedo will get bored. Adults are on equal level, An Adult and a kid produces an extreme power dynamic where the Adult can abuse the kid sexually, Mentally, Physically. Adults together produces a loving environment, An adult and a kid together will scar the kid for life and cause some of the worst trauma imaginable. There are SO MANY reasons why acting on pedophilia is one of the worst crimes imaginable and will make people hate you.

  • NO. Pedophillia is not a sexuality

    @sonicbro2000, I think your argument is full of prejudice and bias in itself. How can you put homosexuality and pedophellia in the same category when they are 2 completely different things?

    Pedophillia is when an adult has sexual attraction to a child. How can a child give sexual consent to a relationship between the pedophille and the child if on average, A child is legally deemed in majority of countries as not being able to give sexual consent until they are 14 years old or older? If consent is not given/ is illegitimate, Then guess what. . . It is sexual abuse. Labelling pedophillia as a sexuality will only encourage and promote the sexual abuse of children. The sexual abuse of grown men and women is so damaging to an adults mental health that it even results in people who experience it taking their own lives. Imagine all that mental suffering on a child? How is this morally permissible? How can you think it is okay to put someone, Especially a child, Through all that trauma? For these reasons, I believe pedophillia should never become a sexuality.

    In stark contrast to pedophellia, Homosexuality is simply when someone is attracted to someone of their own sex. To fancy someone of the same gender has absolutely nothing to do with sexual abuse. Regardless of if you are homosexual or hetrosexual or any other type of already established sexuality, The definition of these sexualities are simply that you are attracted to someone. No where in the definition of any of these sexualities does it promote abuse, Rape, Manipulation, Trauma.

    Homosexuality has nothing to do with the debate. "Should Pedophilla be seen as an sexuality or should it stay as a "mental disease? "" is the question at hand. That is what we are debating. I personally believe pedophillia should never become a sexuality due to the reasons previously stated. I also believe that the using the term "mental illness" to describe pedophilles takes away from the severity of what pedophiles do. When you think of mental illness, You think of depression, Anxiety etc, Not pedophillia. Pedophillia in my opinion should not be labelled as either, I think it should just be labelled as a crime because it is a crime; pedophillies are harmful to our community, Our society, Our children.

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