• Drop The Blanket Ban

    The different number of PED’s is stupefying. Instead of banning any and all of them, we should consider the future of top-level athletics and how we can achieve even more record-breaking, entertainment-generating sport. There are PED’s that reduce the risk of injury, could elevate human sports to a level we never thought possible, and are safer than the ball-shrinking Anabolic steroids from the headlines.
    At the very least drop the blanket ban, and discuss the options one by one.

  • Doping Scientific Progress

    The united States is the sports and entertainment capital of the world, legal and open doping in sports would generate more excitement, revenue, and most importantly scientific break throughs for society as a whole. When doctors compete openly with one another on behave of the sports teams who hire them to discover formulas for greater strength, higher endurance, and accelerated recovery we ALL as a society benefit. Just as the discoveries made in automotive technology by F1 racing engineers appear in the consumer cars we all buy, so would the discovers made by doctors in professional sports appear in over the counter products OUR citizens buy to improve their health and relieve their aliments. PED's being dangerous is a result of its illegality, with legalization and open research and development going on doctors would have the environment to study these drugs comfortably, and conduct the appropriate tests at the appropriate facilities with the appropriate equipment to refine the substances and make them safer. All equipment improvements are PERFORMANCE ENHANCING.

  • Not for Power

    There is a steroid that repairs muscles and tendons really fast called, SXP. It, however, is not necessarily going to boost your strength, and give you an "unfair advantage", but repair your muscles faster so your can pitch more than ten innings a week. When you workout, your muscles break down. As they repair, they are getting stronger than before. Due to soreness and straining of the muscles, we are limited on how much we can actually workout.

  • Sure, Why Not

    I do not have a personal problem with performance-enhancing drugs. I have no need to use them, so I don't need access to them and the fact that they are illegal, does not affect me. I realize that some people may want access to them and I wouldn't have a problem with them being legalized. I don't think they should be allowed in professional sports, however.

  • PEDs should be legalized.

    PEDs should be legalized. They are going to keep using them anyway and I think this way it gives everyone a fair advantage. Performance enhancing drugs should be legalized or the actions taken against the players that use them should be increased. We should not wait until they win something so that we can take it away.

  • These drugs are far to dangerous with a very high probability of serious injury or death.

    The benefits of PED's are short term and short lived, while inflicting major damage on a persons organs, and physical body. PEDs have the ability or potential to drastically alter the human body and biological functions, including the ability to considerably improve athletic performance in certain instances. PEDs overtax the body to the point where it gives out early. For those who don’t die, they can be left lingering in a lifetime of dialysis, cancers, pain and bodily breakdown

  • They should not

    PED's alter your body. Even though you look cool, strong, and buff, they can kill you. Lyle Alzado died from a brain tumor related to PED's. A-Rod was suspended a year and he deserved it. All these kids see them do it and think it is okay, but it is not.

  • My bals itch

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  • No they shouldn't

    I do not think that PEDs should be legalized. They are dangerous for people to use and they make game play unfair for people who do not use them. I think that people should just be their natural self. If you are good, you are good. PEDs do not make things better and have serious side effects.

  • PEDs stay illegal.

    I think that legalizing performance enhancing drugs, or PEDS, would be a huge mistake no matter what sport it is used in. PEDs ruin the integrity of the game and the bodies of the players. I find the whole idea of legalizing a biological arms race to be very gross.

  • No there is no need for it

    There is no reason to legalize PEDs. There are many harmful effects from taking them. On the sports field they can give an unfair advantage to individuals. There is no benefit for having them legalized other then letting those who want to take them to be able to take them.

  • PEDs Should not be Legalized

    PEDs cause dangerous health problems. They have negative physical effects on the human body. They cause long-term mental and physical effects. People who take PEDs have unfair advantages over those who do not, and it ruins the sport for those who stay honest. Star athletes who take PEDs also have a negative influence on the thousands of young people who look up to them.

  • No they should not

    Maybe they should not be legal because then there would be more athletes taking them and they might be more focused on who is getting the best type of PED and then they may start overdosing and could even lead to health problems later on down the road or even death if not used properly.

  • I believe not

    I think that because if you use PED's you are cheating your way through sports. If you take performance enhancing drugs you are not showing your true ability to do the sport you like to do. If people who are not taking performance enhancing drugs, and they're doing good, why can't other people do good as well.

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