Should Pentagon officers follow through on their threat to retire if Trump is elected president?

  • Let supportive personnel take their spots

    If you are not going to support your CIC, then move on and let some new people that can handle the job take your place. Probably Obama appointed pansies anyway, even though I highly doubt the report in the first place, or else it was strategically conducted among a few near retirees anyway.

  • Promises Should Always Be Kept

    The officers of the Pentagon have stated a promise. They have their reasons and their values. The president should not want people with such a disdain for him or such a low characters standing at his side.

    They swore an oath to protect their commander in Chief. If they are unable to continue their once prized position with dignity and honor, then they should absolutely step aside and allow someone that will hold strong to their morals and there promises.

  • Stick with your promise

    There is no sense in making threats if you don't intend to follow through with them. So, if they say they would resign if Trump were elected president, that's exactly what they should do. I think it may cause a lot of problems for the country, but they should stay true to what they say.

  • Yes, if the Pentagon officers are that strongly against Trump, they should not serve him.

    If the officers at the Pentagon are so adamantly opposed to Trump being elected to office, then they should resign in the event he does get elected. It is my belief that if a person is not happy with the person they are working for, than they are less likely to perform their job well. The officers in the Pentagon hold crucial roles in our government, and should be giving no less than their absolute best everyday. If they are not in support of the President they are serving, they will not be able to do this.

  • Pentagon Officers threaten to retire

    Pentagon officers should feel free to retire for personal reasons. However, it would be a blow to the country if the most responsible officers (i.e., those seeking a responsible commander-in-chief) left their posts. Their replacements would no doubt be those who feel willing to follow orders without objection, which in the case of a Trump presidency could be disastrous.

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