• Castrated and other stuff too.

    "Your a pedophile or rapist well you can't be anymore, CHOP!"
    And that was t them being just sterilized we can experiment on them did you know that rats have 97% of our genetic code ? You know what's better than 97% ? , 100% ! It would be amazing that we could save innocents at the price of the guilty.

  • Should Peodofiles be castrated.

    Most will argue that Peodofiles are defined as mentally ill, but is it really a mental illness to physically abuse a child? Can it be defined as a mental illness, especially when they purposely seek out children to commit these acts on.

    Should we take a harsher punishment on these types of offences?

  • YES they need to die

    They should really die but the next worst pain is that so do that do the goat fucked. I hate them! What's the point? Hopefully society will eventually be free of these pricks! Like honestly, who does that! Think if you were a parent of a child who got raped, you would want the rapist to be castrated - wouldn't you?

  • Yes they should

    Pedophiles are creepy, disgusting people who deserve nothing except a severe punishment for their cruel, selfish sick actions. Their lives have no value. They are not important. They should be castrated unless it's one if those cases where someone is called a pedophile for sleeping with a 17 year old when they're only 18.

  • A pedophile is not a child molester.

    It's wrong to judge someone by whatever strange, bizarre things they're attracted to, now matter how completely screwed up and peculiar it may be. A pedophile which restrains themselves from molesting a child have not committed a crime, and they do not deserve to be treated as if they have. Furthermore, punishing them before they do commit a crime wouldn't be effective in actually solving anything. When you treat someone like a criminal, they become a criminal, and not bothering to actually help these people (besides being incredibly irresponsible) would actually make it harder to find them, hence having more pedophiles not getting even the least bit of support and being hidden. So not only do we fail in controlling this problem, but we also have a tougher time on keeping an eye on it. So there, that's two arguments on why they shouldn't be castrated. A moral argument on judging people by their actions first, and a rational argument on merit.

  • This is surprising.

    Humans reject the idea of genetic purification of defects and preach compassion, yet you assume you have the right to sentence someone to this. As stated by others, crimes should fit the punishment. In the case of rapists, they should be raped... Violently. But pedophiles haven't done anything bad enough to merit gental mutalation. No matter how bad you see it as, law must be factored in. If you don't like it, go carry this out yourself. Then see how you like it when someone does it to you. Having them serve their time with chokers indicating their crime would be much more entertaining.

  • Not all pedophiles are child molesters!!!!!!

    Pedophiles are just sexually attracted to prepubescent people. Not all of them act upon their urges. This poll should be changed to "should rapists be castrated," which i would still disagree with, because it is cruel and unusual. Punishment should never exceed the crime. They did not castrate the other person, therefor they should not be castrated.

  • Doing nothing is cheaper.

    Far too many people would have a fit about how forced castration would be cruel and unusual punishment. I know, the death penalty would also be ineffective because even places that have it rarely use it, and that is after a lot of time and money is wasted.
    A much better idea would be to do nothing. No castration, no death penalty, and no special treatment. Notice how well it worked to solve the problem with Jeffrey Dahmer? You see, even though convicts tend to give some respect to murderers, pedophiles tend to be much less so because many convicts have kids of their own. Knowing this, some prisons tend to segregate them for their own protection. In this way, doing nothing would include not segregating them. Problem solved. The pedophile may get both castration and the death penalty but without further expense of the tax payers.

  • No one should be castrated for their sexual attractions.

    What is it with people and castrating other people they find disgusting? I thought we had finally agreed that forced genetic purity was bad after the Nazis, apparently not. You don't have the right to take away someone's sexual organs and you shouldn't! Castrating all the male pedophiles wouldn't help anything, just cause a lot of pain! And you seem to have forgotten all the female pedophiles-what should we do with them huh?

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