• Definitely, Absolutely! !

    Dogs are great, They always listen and love you unconditionally. Unlike cats which are lazy and have mood swings worse than teenage kids. Also dogs a very cute. If anyone disagrees with this I will be sad. Also you can keep dogs outside, Cuts will just disappear if you do that.

  • I love dog 🐶

    I just love dog! Do you I of course! They are cutie and awesome! And I love love dog they pretty and cute and. . . . . More yay 😁 I am so happy 😃 wow bow dog! Dogs are very cute do you? I think I do yes bye

  • No, No, No

    Dogs are good for one thing, To eat. If you actually eat dog soup, You will know that dogs actually taste really good. I'm not saying we should make all dogs soup, But man, Dog soup actually taste really good. Also, If you cook dog like steak, It tastes really good.

    Posted by: p365

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