Should people 75 years old and over continue to drive?

  • The elderly should be allowed to continue to drive, if they qualify.

    The elderly, people 75 years old and over, should be allowed to continue driving. Seventy-five years isn't as old as it used to be, since people continue to live longer and healthier. If a person can demonstrate their competence behind the wheel of a vehicle and knowledge of the rules of the road, they should be treated no different from other types of driver. The greater threat on the roads are young people who are distracted and believe they'll live forever.

  • Yes they should.

    I think that as long as a person can show they are capable of driving, they should continue to drive at any age. There are a lot of good drivers that are 75 years old and over. They should just be able to prove that they can see well enough, and are mentally sound.

  • Age Restrictions Are Too Vague

    I believe if we want to address the issues surrounding senior drivers, simply cutting them off at a certain age is not an equitable way to do it. At the age of 75, my father was still perfectly capable of driving. He's still doing it now at 83, but things are starting to get shaky. I think we would be far better off to require driving tests at certain cut offs to weed out drivers, as they age.

  • Age should not dictate whether or not people should drive.

    There should not be any age where people are considered too old to drive. There are people who are 75 years old that are in better physical health that those in their 40's. So much of our health is dependant on how people take care of themselves. Health may be a factor as to whether or not someone should drive but age in itself should not be.

  • People 75 years and older should continue to drive if they can pass a driving test.

    People 75 years and older should continue to drive, but they should have to re-test for their driving skills and passing the re-test should be mandatory for them to continue to drive. Some of the essential functions for safe driving deteriorate as we grow older. Our eyesight and hear worsen and our motor skills slow. People 75 years of age and older should be required to establish that they still have the physical capacity to safely operate a motor vehicle.

  • I think it depends on the person.

    I think a person at the age of 70 should have to take a test every year in order to keep their driver's license. As a person ages their reflexes slow, their vision starts to fade, their hearing could be getting worse and they can easily be confused. All of these problems can cause major issues in the driving world; however, not all older people have medial issues; therefore, I think a 75 year old person should be allowed to drive if they are able to safely. A yearly test to make sure a person is able to continue driving properly would really benefit everyone on the road.

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  • People over the age of 75 should not drive

    People over the age 75 should not be able to drive because they drive slow. They also kind of close their eyes while driving .That could hurt themselves along with others. It is also not good for them to drive at night time because they can not see very well

  • 75 Year Olds Should Not Drive

    No, people over the age of 75 should not continue to drive as for most people over this age, some form of dementia has occurred, or shall occur shortly. In the interest of the safety of other drives, these individuals should not be allowed to get behind the wheel of a car.

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