• Yes, we need to adopt

    If we don't adopt, the earth could get way too crowded. There are already about 325,701,439 people on this earth already. Out of all of those people, 140,000,000 of the people are orphans. Also, some people believe that their life is unfulfilled without a child. Adoption is an easy way to get a child. Adoption is also saving a child's life, because children will suffer if they don't have a parent, or guardian. We NEED to adopt! It's doing the right thing, and everybody should do the right thing. We need to adopt!!!!!!!!!!

  • It really depends

    There are two answers to this question entirely because of how it's worded.

    1.If the parents are dead.
    Yes, this is a horrible thing to say, but in the age of guns and weaponry, people get killed, and then others can become fatally ill. I know an orphan, and she was put through a lot of stress emotionally because of her parents' demise. She now lives with her sister instead of adoptive parents, and has lost the feeling of being raised by two blood parents. In the severe case of parental death, than adoption should be entirely legal and right.

    2. If the parent(s) give the child up.
    In the case of the mother (usually) giving up the child, adoption is completely unnecessary. You have the child, you raise the child. I know there are teen pregnancy cases, but the mother's family can still help take care of the child. By giving up a child for adoption, you are cutting a potentially beautiful bond between blood parent and blood child. This can cause as much mental trauma as losing their parents by death, as giving up a kid might convince it that it isn't loved enough to be raised by their proper families.

  • HELP KIDS Adpot

    Yea there are so many kids with no parents we need to stand up and do the right thing now. Please if you have some where in your town to adopt kids or anyone please adopt them DO NOT LET THEM SUFFER FOR SOMETHING THEY DIDN'T EVEN DO. Lets help

  • Adoption is wonderful!

    I may not have been adopted, but there is a family at my church that has adopted and fostered multiple children and love each and everyone of them as their own. Why should we let children around the globe live without a family? The answer is we shouldn't. If you are scared of not being able to love an adopted child as much as a biological child, think about your marriage. Do you love your spouse as much as your biological family? I ask this question because you spouse is only connected to you through vows of marriage. If you cannot love an adopted child, then you obviously can't love your spouse.

  • I'm adopted & more loved than ever

    I'm proud that I'm adopted when I was a baby. My birth parents loved me, and I know that.., but I'm glad they chose to let me have a more beneficial life with my current familily. My current parents love me more thanyou can imagine. Adoption should not be pitied. I mean- Why would I think about how bad my life could've been if I weren't adopted ? Or why would I be bitter on how my birth parents left? I choose to live in the moment & I'm sure there are reasons for that, but it doesn't eat me alive.

  • Kids should be adopted

    Kids should be adopted because if they were living in a bad household and with a bad family then they should have someone adopt them so they wouldn't get hurt. Or if their being abused in the household then they should also be adopted because of that. Thats why i think kids should be adopted.

  • Yes they should

    This is because you could make a difference in a childs life. This could come from the desire to help a child feel loved. Why anybody could say, no, im confused. If everyone adopted children this world could be more happy. I want reasoning for saying no. People should make a difference in their world.

  • To help a child in need

    It is important to adopt to support a child in need. Also it is good for parents. The child will make their life colorful and full of joy . Also cross cultural adoption is amazing to help a child from a diffident culture and treat him as ur biological child.

  • I'm better off

    If u wast adopted my life would be so much different it's better to give a child a good home with people who will care about them rather than leave them with parents who don't care or leave them in an orphanage! I'm thankful I was removed at a young age as all my brothers (only one other was removed, older brother, but including him) all went to special needs school then there's me! I have all A or A* at A-level an I'm going to study aerospace engineering at university! If I wasn't adopted I would most likely end up with a poor education and surrounded with the wrong bunch of people but thanks to being adopted my life is so much better! Adoptions is te greatest gift any child can ever receive!

  • Kids need it.

    There is a lot of kids who need loving homes to go to. People need to understand is that everybody needs someone to love them and care about them. Not every kid has that home to go to. They might be living it group homes or in foster care or in the streets. They need it.

  • No to Adoption

    No, people should not adopt children. Even though there are many couples who are unable to have children of their own, adoption is not the answer. It is not possible for families to feel the same bond with an adopted child as they would if the child were their own. The depth of feeling just is not there. When children become teenagers, many of them become high maintenance and hard to handle. Parents with adopted children might not realize this behavior is a rite of passage for teens, and be more apt to blame it on their adopted child’s biological parents. This sets the stage for further alienation and strained emotions.

  • Adoption is wrong

    Wherever possible children should remain with their birth mother. The trouble with adoption (especially closed adoption as in my own case) is that it is a permanent solution to what is often a temporary problem. My mother, aged 19, had no resources or support so felt she had no choice but to give me away, but if I had been cared for temporarily, until she was in a position to take care of me herself, I would have been able to live the life I should have had, instead of being taken away from her. I missed my mummy all my life and when I traced her last year, aged 44, I felt complete for the first time in my life. But I feel such terrible sorrow for what I lost by not being with her. She went on to have 2 more children and I am so envious that they had a relationship with her that I can never have, even though I should have done. I was her baby before anyone else, yet I cannot claim to be fully hers, ever I don't think. It's so sad,

  • Why must we adopt??

    Some of them need parents but sometime's they could not afford kids.Some of them are very busy that they have no time for kids.Some of them are too lazy for kids or no responsibility to take care of kids.They can also be troublemakers or naughty or sometimes can be ghosts possessing tham

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