Should people adopt children from other ethnic groups?

  • Adoption Across Ethnicity

    Children need homes and deserve a families and the reality is that there are not always families of the same ethnicity or cultural background. If a family is prepared to face the unique challenges, which include being willing to expose a child to their birth culture and teach children how to deal with prejudice, then it's fine. It's imperative that these families have a genuine respect, not only for the children's cultures , but for cultures and differences in general. I am 1/3 Native American and, while I feel every effort should to taken to place children in homes of the same Nation (eg. Tribe) first and other Natives second, if the homes can't be found, it is far more important that the children have families--provided that they are sensitive to their cultures. Having said this, the barriers to minority parents adopting need to be removed. For example, the preference for married couples or people who own homes. I would rather maintain cultural ties and identity first.

  • Adoption and Ethnicity

    The beliefs that people who raise children will treat them fairly and give them only the best for well-being are reasons that ethnicity is not an issue. The issue is having so many children in the adoption process that needs attention. Therefore, the ethnicity of the child is not important.

  • People should not adopt children from other ethnic groups.

    People should not adopt children of different ethinic groups because it will lead to problems for the children in later life. The children will be unsure of their own identity, and they will not be able to fit well into either the race of their adoption or the race of their blood.

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