• Yes :)!

    I think if they are in danger or have been hurt and can’t be relased into the wild then they should be able to be adopted protected fed and loved so they can love a happy and full life because everyone deserves a happy and full life so yes absolutely

  • Yes, They should at least be allowed to.

    It is the right of human beings to claim property for themselves and/or others. Animals are are a property that can be claimed as they lack agency. To say that some animals can and can not be claimed is stupid. Even if some animals are dangerous it is the right of people to do things that may harm themselves. Plus it helps reestablish human dominance upon the world.

  • Yes to animal's

    Because they will grow more further close in Heart to humans yes yes yes to animals we just need to
    Help them to be kind to humans so guys don't be mean to them yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

  • This is extremely toxic

    Many animals are endangered and taking them out of their natural habitat will just kill them off faster. Many wiled animals are extremely dangerous to humans and if the do attack or harm their "owner" the animal will be put down for simply doing what's in their nature. Animals aren't our property we have no right to take them out of their best way of living. Animals aren't "mean" to humans that's how they evolver that's how they survive.

  • No people should not be allowed to adopt wild animals.

    People should not be allowed to adopt wild animals, Because people will always have bad intentions will probably not be able to take care of them properly, Or try and use them for bad intentions. So I don't think people or at least just anyone be allowed to adopt wild animals.

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