Should people always follow instructions (yes) or perform their duties with individualism (no)?

  • You must follow instructions

    You must listen to be able to be successful it also helps with your safety you must listen and cooperate in life and that is what this topic can some times teach you so that is what you need to do in most of your life so that is what I think

  • Always Follow What the person In Charge Wants

    Most employers or teachers,will tell you to follow the instructions to a tee, or if you have some latitude do insert your own personality. From there it is pretty obvious of how the task at hand needs to be done. The ones who do not follow the instructions are usually the ones that have the biggest struggles.

  • Yes, people should

    I think instructions are the best course of action when you want to get something done right. individualism, has its place and time,but it really depends on the scope of what you are talking about. If your going to build a car, you can't put the engine on the roof.

  • Stick with methods

    I think that people should follow instructions, so that they do their tasks right, and in a way that is already been proven to work good and get the job done in an efficient manner. Most of the time, the people doing it before you have already tried every method.

  • But really the outcome is what's important, Think about it carefully

    Don't follow the instructions and everything goes wrong you may be out of a job. Don't follow the instructions and the end result is everything goes way better than your boss ever thought it could go and your boss may thank you. Though you may still get fired if he's a jerk or if he's afraid of you upstaging him.

    It takes some thought though. Don't just always go with your own idea. Be sure it will work and that your boss and coworkers will be impressed. If at all possible notice ambiguity in the instructions that may help explain your decision.

    My answer is really in the middle but I put it in "No" since those who rise to the top are always those who show some innovation.

  • People should not always follow instructions

    People should not always follow instructions. They should stop from time to time and perform their duties with individualism. Just like a Graphic Designer or Musician, they will stop from time to time and perform their job with individualism and a creative personality that should exist in every person. Individualism is what brings energy and joy in many workplaces.

  • Individual performance is better.

    Yes, guidelines and directions are important to follow at first to get the general idea of something. But, after you learned, it is important to find better or more efficient ways of doing this. Very important actually. This is how jobs get done better and more quickly. By the book is always very rigid.

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