Should people as young as 16 be allowed to vote in European Parliament elections?

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  • No, people as young as 16 should not be allowed to vote in European Parliament elections.

    People that are sixteen years old and younger do not have the maturity levels to be able to vote responsibly. This is why I think that they should not be allowed to vote in the European Parliament elections until they are older. I think that eighteen years old is the minimum and it should stay that way.

  • No, they are still children.

    Teens who are as young as 16 for the most part do not have a grasp of issues beyond those that immediately impact their own lives. They often do not have a sense of the larger world and their brains are not fully developed, so they should not vote till a few years later.

  • People as young as 16 should not be allowed to vote in European Parliament elections.

    Voting is serious responsibility and people under the age of majority should not be able to take part in elections. Making decisions about the government requires a certain level of maturity, and people who are too young cannot make these decisions. It is important to have respect for the government.

  • When I was 16 I would have said yes.

    I am now 19 and I'll be honest, to reflect on my life of only a few years ago, I now realize I was too immature to make an informed decision. Even now being 19 and having a recent interest in political issues, politics is a very complex thing to comprehend, and when you're 16 you simply have too much other stuff going on to be able to understand the issues involved.

  • No, nobody 16 should be voting.

    If the age of majority is generally taken to be either 18 or 21, then that should be the voting age. A 16 year old has a vested interest in the future, but often does not understand that. He or she is caught up in teen problems and is still a child.

  • 16 Still A Child

    I would prefer to believe that people as young as 16 are still children and should not be allowed to vote. I think the ages 16 and 17 are very powerful years for a young adult who is progressing towards adulthood. However, at this age, children are still under the wing of their parents and their votes more than likely would not be their own, but their parents.

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