Should people at risk of lead poisoning have access to free screenings?

  • Yes, if they are victims

    I think that people should get free screenings for lead poisoning if they were wrongfully exposed to lead. If they were, it is not their fault that they could have lead poisoning and therefore they should not have to pay for it. If they knowingly exposed themselves to lead, then they should not get a free screening.

  • Yes, people at risk of lead poisoning should have free access to screenings.

    I definitely think that people who are in risk of lead poisoning should have access to free screening. Most of the time, if somebody is at risk, it is likely due to the fact that they work a job where they are put at risk of such a thing. I think their employers should help them get free screenings.

  • Being forced to pay for screening will reduce the number of people getting screened.

    People at risk for lead poisoning need to get tested, but many people put their finances above all else including their health. Making screening free would encourage those who would otherwise forgo testing to get screened for a potentially dangerous disease. It also would reduce potential health issues down the road if a person found out early about lead poisoning.

  • Yes, I think people who are at risk of lead poisioning should have access to free screenings.

    I believe that it is in the good for public health if the Government provided free screenings for those potentially effected by lead poisoning, I believe any treatment should be covered by the company or organization that caused the lead poisoning in the first place and measures should be put in place preventing it from happening again.

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