Should people attempt to get rid of pests such a squirrels and sparrows in order to control their populations?

  • Yes, but rather than poisoning these animals, people should work with local wildlife officials to relocate populations where they can work to improve local ecology.

    Although large populations of urban wildlife such as squirrels and sparrows can cause health and safety concerns, they fulfill vital rolls in local ecosystems. For instance, squirrels and sparrows help spread seeds and pollinate plants which helps increase bird, butterfly and bee populations. Both also serve as food for other urban wildlife such as hawks, owls and other raptors. Their manure also improves compost, although clearly precautions such as using respirators are necessary, as is misting rabies vaccine.

  • Yes, people have the right to get rid of pests on their own property.

    Yes, someone has the right to get rid of pests like squirrels and sparrows if these pests are on their private property. Property owners want to live without being bothered by pests, as well as protect the value of their property. This gives owners the right to exterminate unwanted pests; controlling their populations.

  • Rodents reproduce quickly

    Yes. Why would anybody disagree with controlling the pest population? I would think this would be a question everyone could agree upon. I guess it depends on the way to get rid of them, but I wouldn't want my neighborhood run over with vermin. It find to control the pest population.

  • They cause more problems than good

    Squirrels, birds, and other pests are not good for certain environments and need to be controlled. Especially in the city, these animals can wreak havoc on homes, gardens and yards, causing people grief. Limiting their population would help to reduce these problems, and should be seriously considered. Nobody is going to miss a few pests.

  • They don’t deserve it

    Just because you think they are pests doesn’t. Mean they should be killed. They should be allowed to live their own lives just like any other species of animals. Squirrels and sparrows don’t even want to be a bother to people. They just want to live their lives. Relocate them if you need, But don’t kill them.

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