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  • France should not be avoided

    France should not be avoided in spite of the increased violence in the country. There have been several high profile terrorist events, including the most recent bombing in Nice. However, giving in to fear and causing harm to the country's economy is what the terrorists want. We must remain strong and press on with our lives.

  • No, I don't think people should avoid France due to recent events.

    I don't think the terrorist actions and events should deter people from visiting France if they choose. If they were to avoid France, it would be allowing the terrorists to win. Bad things can happen anywhere, so people shouldn't give up the opportunity to visit a beautiful city just because there is a tiny chance something bad could happen.

  • No, the terrorist would have won.

    Avoiding France due to increased terror attacks is falling right into the trap of the terrorist. Their agenda is to instill a long lasting fear in people and bring division. No one should blame security agents either. People should be united because it is only in oneness that we will be able to defeat terror.

  • No, people should not completely avoid France.

    Most travelers do not need to completely avoid France due to the increase in violence. However, visitors to the country should be aware of the heightened security threats. They need to be mindful of their surroundings, as well as take precautions to avoid large crowds where terrorists might strike. In short, no, people should not completely avoid France; instead they should just be careful when visiting the country.

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