Should people base their goals on materialistic attainments, or emotions that they aim to experience?

  • Gotta Measure a Goal Somehow

    This isn't really a "yes" or "no" question. Another way to interpret this question is that should people set their goals with these criteria. Answer is: absolutely. The point of a goal is to strive to achieve something and make it worth while. If a person doesn't have a means to measure the success or progress toward that goal, how would that person achieve it and how could they possibly feel any positive benefit from it then?

  • Yes, but on emotions

    We need to base things on our emotions not materialistic things. We get to caught up in how much wealth we have and not enough in how happy we are. We need to worry more about the things in life that make up happy. Not so much about how fancy the house is or how many cars we own.

  • They Shouldn't

    Just live your life. You are overthinking it if you must have material attainments or certain emotions. Relax and chill out. You don't need specifics. So I say "no."

  • None of that matters.

    Tell me friends, what use is a materialistic attainment when you're a moldering corpse in a grave? What use is an experienced emotion when you're a long-forgotten skeleton lying somewhere beneath the earth? Neither of those things have any real effect on you, so you might as well not bother trying to achieve either.

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