• Just imagine this

    A man walks into a bank, pulls out a gun and shouts "everyone on the floor, this is a robbery" there would be no way to stop him because weapons are illegal, of course no one knew that the thief had the gun until he pulled it out of his pocket and started threatening innocent people. Now imagine that concealed weapons are legal. A man walks into a bank, pulls out a gun and shouts "everyone on the floor, this is a robbery" everyone in the bank draws the weapon that they keep in their back pocket and that is the end of the thief. Granted, many things could go wrong if we legalize concealed weapons, but I think that it's worth the risk and the benefits will far outweigh the costs.

    A couple of jokes that prove my point can be found at

  • The citizens of the United States have the freedom to be armed as stated in the Bill of Rights.

    The Bill of Rights states that Americans have the right to bear arms. It is up to the person to make the choice if they wish to conceal carry, open carry, or not carry at all. As long as the person abides by the laws and regulations set by their state they should have no problem.

  • A Cop is Too Heavy

    People these days have become domesticated, they rely on the Police to "Serve and Protect" them. Why would anyone be against protecting yourself and your family? The Police take minutes to get to a crime scene, how can you rely on them? Imagine if a criminal knew a building was filled with people carrying guns, would that criminal commit a crime there? We need Concealed Carry, and we need to encourage it among law-abiding citizens, so we may stop these mass shootings.

  • Self Defense is Essential

    The only truly noble reason to possess a firearm is to defend oneself or others from danger. As a fundamental principle, I think that is good. The Police are not responsible for protecting you. They are responsible for responding to crime after it has happened. The best way to defend is to be prepared.

    I'm fine with some restrictions. But they should be contingent on training and criminal records, not capriciously denied.

  • Once I'm old enough I'm going to take a coarse myself.

    I feel so save when I'm with my dad. The reason being, not his strong arms or warm smile, but the fact that he carries. I feel like if we're in a bad part of town, I'm totally safe when I'm with him. If someone tried to hurt us, we would be ready.

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